What Manner Of People Are Ipob?

It is quite an incontrovertible fact that something like IPOB has never happened anywhere on earth before, neither yesterday, nor today, and most likely not tomorrow!

People wonder what manner of people are IPOB.
People say, they are touts, uncouth, unemployed, and even unemployable. Yet, they do the unimaginable things, achieving great feats that the self acclaimed intellectuals and intelligentsia cannot achieve all through their life on earth.
They said they have been scammed, that they have sold their brains to their leader, some called them zombies, foolish, stupid and things like that, yet when they sneeze Nigerians catch cold.
When they said they were not voting in Nigeria elections except their demands are met, the whole Nigeria caught fire, with some laughing in mockery and in unbelief.
They started running helter skelter, from pillar to post, in confusion, desperation, and in great torments.
Nigerians cajoled, coerced, intimidated, blackmailed, and even attempted stampeding them, all to no avail.
At the failure of all their vacuous and brain-dead strategy, they began to beg them to vote.
In their deepest thoughts, Nigerians wonder what manner of people IPOB (Biafrans) are. In their heart, they know that IPOB is undefeatable and unbeatable.
They insult and abuse IPOB’s supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
Yet, when he sneezes, they all catch cold.
When he speaks, they all become busy analyzing his words for a period spanning between at least, one week and one month, waiting for him to say another one, so that they can remain busy and relevant.
Not withstanding all these, they still call him all manner of names.
I ask again, what manner of people are these IPOB and their leader?
* They are unique
* They are special
* They are obedient
* They are courageous.
* They are
impenetrable, and
* They are
determined more
than anyone can
ever imagine.
* They are resolute
and resilient to
their righteous course.
* They are fearless
even before their
* They are wise,
bright, educated,
brilliant and very
* They are united
* They love and care
for one another, but
particularly for their
leader, to the extent
that that they are
ready to die for him.
* They obey orders
* Their voluntary
spirit is high and
* They are called,
chosen of God, and
they are anointed
to do what they are doing.
* Can any people on
earth compare with
IPOB in uniqueness?
With the events of the last few days, (which are still unfolding), if any person is still doubting the formidability and unstoppability of the great IPOB, in the divine and CERTAIN mandate of restoring our dear nation, Biafra, it must mean that such a person needs great help.
God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the great IPOB worldwide!
God bless TBRV
God bless Biafra Nation
Written by
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice – TBRV

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