What If Evans “The Kidnapper” Is Innocent & Not A Kidnapper?

According to report, the notorious kidnapper, Chukwudimeme Onwuamadike, popular known as Evans has said in court he is not a kidnapper, but a businessman who deals in ornaments and Horlicks.
He disputed all kidnapping allegations leveled against him by the Lagos State Government on Tuesday, led in evidence by his defense counsel, Victor Okpara, saying he was a legitimate businessman.
He claimed that his nickname was not Evans and that he was forced to confess to being a kidnapper after police k*lled four people in his presence extrajudicially in an attempt to force him to confess.
“I live at Fred Shoboyede Street, Magodo Phase II, Lagos. I am a businessman and I deal in ornaments and Horlicks. My lord, my name is not Evans and I don’t have a nickname,” he said.
He said he had never met his five co-defendants before being captured by the authorities, except on the day they were paraded as members of a kidnapping gang by the police at Area F Police Command in Ikeja, Lagos. The case was postponed until November 5 so that the final written addresses could be adopted.
What if Evans is saying the truth?
Come to think of it, who arrested him? Embattled police officer Abba Kyari did. He was the one who arrested and paraded Evans.
After the arrest, Kyari said the kidnapper offered his teams $2million if he could keep quiet and let him go and that he offered to provide the cash in 48 hours.
As a super cop, he refuses to take the $2million offer from Evans. But he collected N8million from Hushpuppi. Also received N300K for sewing of native clothes and cap for Hush.
Now judging with/from the current event, it seems Abba Kyari is good at arresting innocent people once he’s been paid. However, I’m not saying Evans is innocent. Just that, Nigerian police men have a special way of forcing someone to admit a crime you didn’t commit.

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