Waec gce geography answers 2021

Waec gce geography answers 2021

Here we will be posting the waec gce geography answers for free.

Waec GCE geography answers




(i) Corrasion/abrasion

(ii) Solution/corrosion

(iii) Hydraulic action



(i) Arcuate delta

(ii) Bird’s foot delta

(iii) Cuspate delta

(iv) Estuarine delta




Niger delta


Ebro of Spain.





[Pick any three]

(i) active vertical and lateral erosion at the upper and middle courses of the river

(ii) sediments formed from the upper and middle courses are deposited at the mouth of the river

(iii) presence of sheltered, tide-less coast to prevent disappearance of sediments into deep waters

(iv) There should be no large lakes in the river course to trap the sediments

(v) There should be no strong current at the river mouth to wash away the sediments.






flooding Flooding can be defined as a situation of excessive volume of water in an area not usually under water or could be referred to as excessive large quantity of water which overflows existing channels.



[Pick any three]

(i) Deforestation

(ii) Excessive rainfall in an area

(iii) Collapse of dams

(iv) Careless dumping of refuse which block culverts or river channels

(v) Inadequate urban planning

(vi) Poor drainage system or absence of channels / culverts

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(vii) Strong tidal waves near coast e.g Bar Beach in Lagos

(viii) Establishment of settlement on rivers channels

(ix) High water table.



[Pick any three]

(i) Channelization of flood from city centres

(ii) Public enlightenment on effects of flooding

(ii;) Construction of wider culverts or good drainage system

(iv) Installation of strong dams to act as flood reservoirs

Settlement: A group of buildings with people in them. A settlement is a centre for human activities. It is made up of houses, communication network (roads, tracks, railways, etc.). It may be only one house, a group of houses, a village, a town or a city

[Pick any five]
(i) Economic services like banking, insurance, etc
(ii) Factory produced goods
(ii) Employment
(iv) Sale of industrial raw materials
(v) Educational services
(vi) Health services (especially secondary and tertiary healthcare)
(vii) Administrative services
(viii) Justice and security
(ix) Purchase of agricultural products.

(i) Inadequate transport facilities as a result of increasing number of people trooping into urban centres
(ii) Over-use and deterioration of available social amenities such as water, electrical school, etc
(iii) Increase in the rate of crime as a result of lack of employment of able-bodied persons
(iv) The problem of undue increase in human and vehicular traffic in urban areas.


(i) High demand for manufactured products.

(ii) inadequate raw materials.

(iii) High quality of industril labour.

(iv) High cost of labour.

(v) Shortage of raw materials.


[Pick any five]

(i) Revenue to government

(ii) Income to workers/investors

(iii) conservation of foreign exchange.


(iv) Diversification of the economy. (Y) Provision of infrastructure.

(vi) Provision of goods.

(vii) Employment opportunities

(viii) Stimulation of other sectors of the economy/growth of allied industries

(ix) Favourable balance of trade.


(i) it has cold winter that are long and short cool summer

(ii) it is characterized with semi nomadism

(iii) presence of snow all year round impedes farming

(iv) There is low commercial activities


(i) inadequate labour force

(ii) Disincentive to government

(iii) Deterioration of infrastructures


(i) immigration Should be encouraged and Emigration should be discouraged

(ii) Modern infrastructure that will meet the weather conditions should put in place

(iii) Government should modify promulgate policies to encourage inhabitation of the place


Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock

[Pick any four]
(i)Unsuitable climatic conditions: Climatic conditions vary from areas of excessive rainfall to areas of excessive drought. These two types of climatic conditions are detrimental to crop and animal growth.

(ii) Poor technical knowledge: The farmers lack requisite technical knowledge and modern skills to raise the standard of farming and agricultural production in their countries.

(iii) Use of crude implements: West African farmers still use crude implements such as cutlass, hoes etc for farming. They have no opportunity for mechanized farming.

(iv) Rural- urban drift: The imbalance in urban-rural economy has led to rural -urban drift. Agriculture has thus been losing its vital labour force without replacing it with mechanization.

(v) Land tenure system: Land tenure system encourages small scale farming. Modern agriculture is difficult under the existing land tenure system which makes transfer of ownership of land extremely difficult.

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(vi) Pest and diseases: They reduce the quality and quantity of agricultural products since farmers cannot afford to purchase insecticides.

(vii) Poor marketing facilities: The sale of products is limited to their immediate environment because of poor transportation and communication systems.

[pick any five]
(i) Agriculture provides Nigerians with food and increase in food means increase in the well being of the citizens.
(ii) The industrial sector depends on agriculture for some of its raw materials, e.g. sugar cane, palm produce, cotton etc.
(iii) Agriculture provides revenue for farmers and government of Nigeria.
(iv) It provides employment to many Nigerians who would have been jobless.
(v) Agricultural produce, e.g. cotton, rubber etc earns foreign exchange for the country.
(vi) It provides a market for industrial output as farmers purchase industrial goods, e.g. hoes, cutlass, tractors, fertilizer etc for use.

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