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Number 2b

1. They teach more with actions (and examples) and less with words. …

2. They encourage more and criticize less. …

3. They spend quality time with their children. …

4. They act as responsible individuals themselves. …

5. They encourage dialogues with the kids. …

6. They stay connected as a couple.

Civic education Answers here

He founded different newspapers to help propagate nationalism in Nigeria. And Zik group established these newspapers in politically and economically important cities throughout the country to whip up the interest and enthusiasm of the populace as well as the direction of the independence struggle.

He co-founded the National Council of Nigeria and Cameroons (NCNC) which played an active role in the struggle for Nigeria’s independence. And Zik’s opposition to Richards’ constitution of 1946 which sought to increase only by four, African representations on the Legislative Council with the rest being nominated by the Governor.

His opposition to Richard’s constitution led to the promulgation of Macpherson constitution. And He toured the country to raise funds to lead a delegation to London and USA to plead the case of his party for self government for Nigeria.

He gave his support to the general strike in 1945. And He influenced nationalist struggle through the publication of several books e.g. Development of Political parties in Nigeria 1958, Economic reconstruction in Nigeria 1943.

As Member of Parliament 1947-1950, he joined others to ensure that Nigeria gain self government. And He joined Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM) with others to open the floodgate for nationalism in Nigeria.

2a) A responsible parenthood is simply defined as the “will” and ability of parents to respect and do the needs and aspirations of the family and children. … It is the ability of a parent to meet and cater for the needs of the family and children according to his or her capability.


Responsible parenthood is the act or process of effective discharge of duties and obligations of upbringing/rearing of children/wards by parents or guardians.



(i) Education: Education is the right of every child. It is one of the responsibility of parents to their children. Education is power, and giving a child a quality education is the greatest gift every parents can give to their children.

(ii) Good Home Training: This covers wide range of character moulding, attitudinal shaping and inculcating of moral ethical and societal value to the children, home/family as the agent of socialization has to inculcate love, respect, friendliness, hospitality as well as national ethnic of discipline to the children.

(iii) Respecting The Child’s Feeling: Some parents have an attitude of talking about their children, especially their unpleasant habits, in front of others.

(iv) Providing For The Household: The parents ought to or suppose to provide shelter, food, cloth, medical care, spiritual care, education and social needs for their family.

(v) Caring: Caring is been kind, helpful and showing that you care about other people. So parents should look after and care for their household in providing what their children needs for their health and protections.

(vi) Building Positive Concept In Your Children: It is the role or duty of responsible parents to build self esteem in their children.

3a)Dialogue: This is a formal discussion between two or more groups in a conflict situation or disagreement. This skill of resolving inter-communal conflicts involves parties to the conflict to sit down and discuss on the problem and suggest solutions to end the conflict among or between the communities.

Mediation: This is another way of resolving dispute where a third party intervenes for the two or more communities or groups. In order to avoid further violence so he/she advises both groups, act as intermediary and suggest possible solutions.

Grass-roots community based activities: This inter-communal relationship festivals like new yam festival, initiation rites, marriage ceremonies, sharing of village and community markets etc, death rites, etc bring people from far and near to have face to face interaction that is capable of disabusing their minds and forget the past.

3a) pick any 3

ii) Communication skill

iii) Team Work

iii) Problem solving skills

iv) Stress Management

v) Emotional Agility

*No 5a*

Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act and it’s a clandestine secret operation in which human are forced for hard labour…

*Number 5C*

I. Society, including the impacts of family and communities left behind, and gender relations in receiving countries in which women are often sold into sexual slavery.

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ii. Economy, particularly in contexts where people seeking migration opportunities for employment end up being trafficked, resulting in significant remittance losses.

iii. Health: women and children trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation are at risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and of spreading the diseases among wider society; people are trafficked in dangerous conditions and often held, even after they reach their destinations, in circumstances that can have long-term detrimental effects on their mental and physical well-being.

iv. Rule of law: in both sets of countries, the operations of organised criminal groups, whose illicit activities often extend beyond trafficking, can have serious implications for national security.


Government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, generally a state. In the case of its broad associative definition, government normally consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary…


1. Protect the Natural Rights

The primary functions of government are to protect the basic human rights which include right to life, liberty and to possess property. The idea of natural rights is because every person deserves to enjoy these rights. It is assumed that people are born with these rights and that they shouldn’t be taken away from them without their agreement.

If the government takes any of these rights, you have the liberty to take your complaints to court. Hire an attorney to improve your chances of winning the case. Well, the good thing is, there were over 1,268,011 licensed lawyers in 2012 alone. The number can only be higher now. Check the reputation and experience of an attorney before hiring the one for your case.

2. Defend Against External Enemies

War across nations has been a constant condition since the beginning of civilization.

According to the federal laws and constitution, the government has a responsibility to ensure peace within its borders. It should also keep external aggressors at bay.

3. Managing Economic Conditions

The modern government has a duty to fight poverty and improve the quality of life of its citizens. In order to achieve this, the government must create a conducive environment for material prosperity and economic growth.

In the United States, economic policy makers leave the decision to private markets. Here individual choice, exchange, and competition are presumed to lead a growing economy. However, even the free markets require state regulations, in the form of consumer protection, enforceable property rights, and health and safety laws to work fairly and efficiently.

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4. Redistribution of Income and Resources

Governments should ensure economic pie grows larger to redistribute fruits of prosperity. The government does this by taxing wealthier people and transferring the income to different categories of people who are in need of these services.

Therefore, the modern government can be characterized as welfare states. Therefore, the functions of government are to not only resources from wealthier to poorer individuals. They also redistribute resources from the young to disabled, socially challenged and the aged. Further, the wealthier governments subsidize food, housing, pension, and healthcare to the poor.

5. Provide Public or Utility Goods

Among the many functions of government is to provide public goods. In most cases, these are services that the private sector cannot provide or they can provide in an unfair or inefficient manner. National security is one of these services. For example, can the private market offer security services? Yes, the government can outsource military security. The government and wealthy individuals can hire private mercenaries to protect them.

According to historic data, relying on mercenaries to protect populations is a risky affair. Without federal statutes to govern their operations, the mercenaries can turn on the governments that hired them. In the end, the mercenaries can injure or harm the very people they are supposed to protect. Because of this, responsible governments develop state legislation to monopolize national security. The same applies for interstate highways, postal services and clean air. As you’ll note, certain goods are best offered by the federal or state governments.

6. Prevent Any Externality

An externality is an indirect cost or benefit occurring from an activity that impacts your society. In most cases, externalities affect people who are not participants in an event or activity. The impact can either be negative or positive.

For example, factories can produce air pollution that may contaminate city water’s supply or affect the quality of air that people breathe. Positive externalities include where a society and not students benefit more from a learned population. The government must develop and implement state laws and regulations on undesirable externalities. Other than being physical as in the case of pollution, externalities can also be aesthetic or psychological. For example, a liquor store located near a school is an externality. The government strives to prevent them via zoning state laws.

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