Vandalisation may occur if Creek and Bonny are not shut – Nyesom WIke

The Executive Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, shuts down Creek Road and Bonny Jets ahead of commissioning, fears vandalisation

By right, governments are mechanizations for directing the affairs of the people. From security enhancement to provision of life sustenance aids, the governing councils put a lot in place for effectiveness. Infrastructural development, among other items, helps to ascertain consistent socioeconomic growth. Meanwhile, all tiers of government are with the responsibility of rendering social services to the people. Tax boots and other revenues are used in the initiation of these projects. However, grants and subsidies also support their completion, as though money is never enough. Maintenance of infrastructures (as against vandalisation and damages) is also another recurrent expenditure that comes with socioeconomics.
Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers is a spokesperson and foreman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Most importantly, he is known for his steadfast in completion and commissioning of projects. According to him, the welfare of the people, whom he represents, comes first. In his usual sharp tone, he is quick at shunning cases of bad governance and fighting insecurity.


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Nyesom wike on vandalisation
Nyesom Wike, upon checking the soon-to-be-commissioned Creek road and Bonny Jets, flares up as traders now domicile in the area. Consequently, he gives orders that all traders should leave the place immediately. The non-compliance of which may attract legal actions.
In summary, The River State said:
” ……….Vandalisation of properties is a No-No at the moment. So, marketers and traders are to leave the Creek road area and its environs. Making the state develop is my utmost priority and we should, therefore, work towards supporting it. Huge capital projects will be lost if this area is buzzy periods before the commissioning………….”

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