US Unemployment Funds Update

US Unemployment Funds Update

You will need fullz info
-Drivers License Number
An Email address and USA number will be needed (codes might be sent there)
They will need Direct Deposit info to send your money into (You can use any Prepaid Card with direct deposit info like Cashapp, Bluebird, Netspend, Or even a Bank account
When they ask you what date was your activities affected by Corona Pandemic, tell them 25th March 2020
Make sure the fullz are from Massachusetts( if u using the Massachusetts link, and must be from Washington if u using the Washington link)
Once the info is accepted, you get paid in 1-3 business days


Below are the states which have stopped paying so will advise y’all not to waste your time on them👇🏾

1• Illinois
2• Kansas
3• Nevada
4• New Hampshire
5• Ohio
6• West Virginia
7• Wisconsin


1• Washington
2• Massachusetts
3• Illinois
4• Ohio

Note This 8 Points Below👇

1• I first clicked on File a new UI claim, if the state you apply for has a General Unemployment Portal then you can start with that first before you go to the Direct PUA

2• When you get to the Employment status, those who filed as ‘Self-Employed’ get higher money than those who filed that they work in companies

The Pandemic assistance favors those who are self-employed more because they think those guys are don’t have bosses to pay them allowances during this corona season and also so they not getting any income Cos of the Covid-19 issues whilst at home

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If you are asked about how much you earn annually last year, make sure the amount you mention is between $16,850 and $42,100.
The higher the amount you make the better

If you chose “Self-Employed” and they ask you what job you do for a living, tell them you a professional photographer and you take professional photos at weddings and parties for a living

And if they ask you, how the Covid-19 affected your occupation, just tell them you were booked for weddings and parties for the whole year, but because of this covid-19, you have to cancel all and stay home, so you not making any money

When you are asked to file for the 6 weeks, the amount you said you make in a year, you can calculate to see how much you make in a week and then an hour, type of earnings should be self-employed

In filling for the weeks, you have to know that the week starts with Sunday and ends on Saturday, so if they ask for Week Endings date for each week, make sure you write the Saturday date for each week you filed for.. this very important or they will decline you

If they ask for your Employer name; Type Self-Employed there and any other info should be your info

N>B California state no longer pays to your movo, they send an EDD card to the address on file, so if you applying for California and you don’t know the person you filing for, pls don’t waste your time bcos they will send the money to the real owner.

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