Upcoming Air/stakedrops for Cosmos

Upcoming Air/stakedrops for Cosmos:

1. Juno – Atom stakers snapshot feb 18 [Distribution in October]

2. Ethermint – Atom holder, future snapshot, date TBA

3. Persistence IRIS Stake drop

[Upcoming on persistence.one/stakedrop, date TBA]

4. Koala Network – Stakedrop for ATOM Holders. [Date TBA]

5. Sputnik Network – Stakedrop for ATOM and multiple coins

[Coming in late Q4]

6. GNO for Atom holders

[Confirmed a future snapshot, date not announced yet]

7. Sunny РSolana’s composable DeFi yield aggregator, airdrop for OSMO holders [Snapshot taken the 24th August, claiming and distribution in October]

Note: Cautious!

Sunny Aggregator build in Solana, no Cosmos connection.

8. Cosmos Gaming Hub $GAME

Airdrop for Atom Stakers in October based on a snapshot as of 2/18]

9. Bitsong

+10.000.000 $BTSG will be distributed to ATOM stakers based on a new snapshot approximately on the second half of September.

10. Hansum token $HANSUM – Stakedrop for ATOM and OSMO holders [Date TBA]

11. Chihuahua $HUAHUA – Memecoin, multi-chain airdrop on Cosmos hub and Osmosis [Date TBA]

12. CosmoStarter $CSMS – Launchpad, airdrop for ATOM stakers [Date TBA]

Note: No direct connection to Cosmos and the team is anonymous, practice caution.

13. Citadel $XCT – Farm XCT with multiple coins by staking via Citadel.one Platform with Citadel.one nodes. [Live]

14. WarpZone $Photon – This airdrop will take place only if the governance proposals 55 passes. It’s an airdrop for both stakers and holders with the snapshot taken at the end of the voting period of the proposal.

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15. For $IXO airdrop please check pinned message 100# in the Cosmos Ecosystem Chat.

16. $PSTAKE airdrop for XPRT and ATOM holders/stakers, Snapshot on 2nd September. Info: https://medium.com/pstakefinance/pstake-airdrop-2c5bc5b74367

Airdrop Rumors: Sommelier Finance, OmniFLix Network, Stargaze, Desmos.

*To be eligible for stakedrops be sure that you are not staking with an exchange validators, please avoid Binance, Coinbase, etc.

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