Tourism in the rural areas is good too – M.K. Okorie

Nigerians to focus on building tourism in rural areas, eyes cross socioeconomic development

Tourism is one of the auxilliaries to trade. This literarily means that its economic importance cannot be outruled. So, world countries amass a number of these tourist attractions within their borders. An indication that the number of collections, in the face of effective management, will surge up their GDP.
Demographic transitional theories maintains that there’s a lot between rural areas (or settlements) and the urbans. These differences ranges from the analysis of economic growth to population density. Therefore, it is dutifully-borne that the government and plutocrats should invest in the crude locations. Then, a full-fledge pursuit will be made on ensuring even development countrywide.
To commemorate World Tourism Day, a set of well-meaning Nigerians flags off an outreach. Certainly, this is to educate inhabitants of the rural settings on the gains of the economic concept. Similarly, the educators also strike the chord of preparing the minds of people, particularly youths, for the Independence day celebration.
To clarify, M.K. Okorie and his aides in some parts of Southwest advised people to celebrate the country with nature. That is to say, keeping natural artefacts and beautifying their areas is a better way to rejoice with 60 years old Nigeria.
During, the 55 year old entrepreneur said:
“………… Likewise, I acknowledge the fact that my presence here is by chance. As a result, I did what was best in my capacity to go round, visiting different places. However, the government needs to support the creativity behind siting these places. It will make more meaning if people earn a living from this too. In short, tourism in the rural areas is good too. From creating employment to empowering the less privileged, there’s a lot ……..”
How was World Tourism Day in your end?

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