Timber processing and lumbering: The job and its economic importance

Have you for little moments considered the gains of timber processing and how the trade may bloom economies?

Simply put, the uniqueness of man with regards to discovery is way more than coincidence. It is a game of necessity and survival. According to the early men, food and wild fruits help extensively in life sustenance (not out-ruling the general importance of water). As a result, their needs multiply beginning with the desire for a roof over their head. Collection of trees from nearby forests appears as the first and better option. They buried them like poles, using heaps of palm fronds as cover over their temporary settlements. After that, clayey moulds in form of huts soon become common forms of residence. Supported by stony particles, huts serve as permanent dorms until the advent of technology. Timber processing is one of the preoccupations, alongside hunting, farming and fishing. Therefore, it involves assessing the nature of timber to know if they are fit for economic activities.
Checking the wetness and dryness of these timbers was done, at that time, by mere eye observation. Lumbering is the business of cutting down forest trees and collecting logs majorly for cooking and woodcraft. Lumbermen who specialize in this trade are usually cautious as to where to fell the trees. However, the feeling of trees causes deforestation thereby opening the communities to environmental hazards. For this reasons and others, government authorities pass stiff legislations on forest management. That is to say, we are now in an era where lumbermen work with registered permits. Their work tools also undergo thorough scan and checks to prevent mechanical and on-the-job errors.

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Timber processing
There are many other economic importance of timber and other forest resources. So, here is a drop down highlight of the gains from timber processing and tree falling.
1. Firstly, lumbering provides job opportunities, thereby leading to reduction in cases of unemployment.
2. Timber processing produces raw materials for art and crafts.
3. Construction and housing industries work with forest resources.
4. Similarly, a number of household items are created from wood particles.
5. Tree falling and timber processing are source of revenues for government authorities.

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