The Youth and the Technology

Technology is a workforce that is fast conquering the youth population in the world.
Back in the olden days before the emergence of computer age, the world produces youths who think radically and unconventionally. But, today, technology has superfluously grown beyond the usage of the teeming youth populace.
Around the late 1980s and early 1990s, the world began to experience rapid growth in technology. Several Satellites were launched into the space. For instance, Communication Satellite, Education Satellite, Security Satellite, Mapping Satellite and Earthquake Measuring Satellite.
Everything became so easy, that anything can be done and even undone with just a click on a button. Different computer gadgets found their way into the world and they are of great usage to the youth. Different e-something became the talk of the town. For instance, e-learning, e-books, e-library, e-examination and e-mail.
The introduction of these innovations and educative channels become a great benefit for Youths of the 21st Century. One can learn anywhere and anytime without consulting any tutor with the help of the technology.
Many social media interfaces were introduced as well. Youth who have access to these gadgets can easily mix with people and meet new people online. The interfaces give chance for chat and social interaction.
Also, many schools and colleges have access to the educational satellite launched. They thereby made the library and archives online. Colleges’ application forms are also made available online and this reduces the risk of travelling long distance for the form.
Technology has a very laudable impact in the human development of the today youths. But, the impacts notwithstanding, technology has also contributed to much bad effects in the teeming youths.

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Distraction and Lack of Concentration:

Technology contributed badly to the lack of concentration by the youths. Many fresh minds have become distracted and this has no good effect to return back to the society. A distracted mind cannot be innovative. Nothing new or unique can come out of a distracted youth.
The today youths cannot spend few minutes pondering about his life. Youths preferred to glare at screen than observing their surroundings. A youth that waits for a doctor at hospital can’t ponder on himself, he will rather be glaring at screen.
Time spent alone for reflection is essential for the youth to understand their thoughts. It is also a pre-requisite for any creativity. Today when we have a continuously distracted generation, we face the real challenge of having reduced creativity.

Oppression, Depression and Anxiety:

In the outset, the youth’s social life is the reflection of his physical being. Our social media profiles should portray what we were doing during the day. But, it is reversed now. Every youth is trying to live his physical life up to his social life’s standard. The ‘Likes’ and the ‘Comments’ have become measure ones worth.
Technology has become the perpetrator of many social vices. Many are oppressed online, from the kind of life someone they know lives. They thereby resulted into many social atrocities to satisfy their social longing and to compete online.
Effect on Health and Social Activities:
Technology has its effect also in the health and social activities of the youths. Eight hours sleep a day is recommended by WHO for normal functioning of the brain, now, technology has snatched it.
Reed Hasting, CEO Netflix (April 2017) said “Sleep is our biggest competitor”. Youths prefer spending hours online and they have to sacrifice their sleep for it.

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Recommendation to Control the Effects of Technology:

In conclusion, every youth who wanted to concentrate should not use his phone alarm to set time. Otherwise, he will spend all day glaring at the screen. Youths should minimize their internet presence, because the 50 hours they use online weekly can birth new and innovative ideas.

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