The full story of what happened in Orlu

This is the true story of what happened in ORLU some hours ago.

Darkness has come with a violent offensive and the good is not going to allow it. The human misery witnessed in ORLU some hours ago did not begin today.
It began after the choice of the good people of Imo state was truncated in the Supreme court of the ZOO, Nigeria.
A legally elected governor was replaced by a FULANI stooge, Hope Uzodimma.
This was in a bid to further the interest of the Fulani caliphate in Imo state. This means that more lands will be given to the killer Herdsmen, more of the same killer troops will be granted a free pass, most of them from outside of the country.
If this happens, kidnapping will become the order of the day, raping will take an unprecedented turn, murder will become a norm and the once prosperous city will burn down.
All these are bound to happen if Imo youths keep quiet and conform blindly to the demands of the oppressive govt.
It was not only Imo youths, if IPOB keeps quiet, Imo will be lost forever.
As God will have it, not long before the plans of the wicked caliphate could hatch, IPOB inaugurated it’s fiery line of defense, ESN.
In Imo state, ESN will be tasked to rid the bushes of ill fated elements. It will not conform at all to the laws of the tyrants neither will it now to the dictates of the supreme court governor.
It will have to protect the people of the state from such events that happened at Obigbo in Rivers State where the Nigerian army carried out a silent genocide against the innocent people.
When ESN began it’s sacred task in Imo state, it was like a cleanser, the ill fated Herdsmen were driven from the bushes and their relatives whose tradition has been to live in bushes from where they will deal their blows were equally evicted.
Consequently, this action did not go down well for a stooge standing as governor, Uzodimma needs to prove to the Caliphate that he is capable. ORLU was of concern and that was the first place to begin.
It is in ORLU, Obinze that the terrorists in uniform can begin an offensive, there is their military barrack.
Had they started in another place, they are most likely not to have a cover. So, the governor deployed them to attack those who are attacking the terrorists in the forest.
The fight began gradually, about two weeks ago. On one occasion the police had to abandon two of their vehicles to run away from the ESN.
Since after that first defeat, the governor became ambitious to prove himself. He wanted to do the same thing Wike did. But this time around it was not going to happen.
He deployed troops upon troops to combat the Eastern Security Network but each time they tried, casualties increase.
On Saturday, instead of the troops to enter the bushes to confront ESN, they took the cowards option. They began to destroy people’s properties, burn down markets arrest and torture civilians like an angry child.
Part of their idiocy is that they didn’t know their enemies. They went and burnt down the house of MASSOB leader who was not their problem. They are angry.
The ESN was forced outside haven discovered that the terrorists, if allowed, will betray the good people twice.
They had to come in defense of the people and finish what they began.
This was what led to the open confrontation that generated anxiety among the people of ORLU.
Now, the governor has not done anything to placate the citizens, he only imposed a dawn to dusk curfew proving himself as the bad egg he was known for.
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Credit~ TBRV | Biafra

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