Have you heard about the Tennessee Promise Scholarship? It’s an excellent opportunity for financially challenged students who want to pursue their studies.


Scholarships open doors to opportunities that may seem out of reach. Students can focus more on learning instead of worrying about money all the time.


It also connects you with a community that wants to see you succeed. Through the scholarship program, you can make friends who will cheer you on throughout college.

Isn’t that interesting? Yeah, it is. Last but not least, you can get career advice from professional mentors.


In this article, we will learn more about the Tennessee Promise Scholarship, its criteria, and the application process.


Key Information Of The Tennessee Promise Scholarship

Here is the essential information for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship.

Key Information Details
Mandatory Meeting Attend a mandatory Tennessee Promise meeting in your county. This meeting will provide important information about the program and your responsibilities as a recipient.
FAFSA Deadline Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1st. This application determines your eligibility for federal and state financial aid, including the Tennessee Promise scholarship.
Apply to Community or Technical College Apply to the community or technical college you plan to attend by April 15th. Be sure to indicate that you are a Tennessee Promise scholarship recipient.
Community Service Deadline Complete and submit your first eight hours of community service to your assigned partnering organization by July 1st for your first term.
Enroll as a Full-Time Student Enroll full-time at a Tennessee Promise-eligible community or technical college in the fall semester.
Attend the Third Team Meeting Attend the third team meeting hosted by TN Achieves in the fall semester.
Ensure Your College Is Listed on Your TSAC Student Portal and FAFSA Ensure that your college is listed on your TSAC Student Portal and FAFSA during the summer to help ensure that your Tennessee Promise scholarship funds are disbursed correctly.
Stay In Touch With Your TN Promise Mentor Stay in touch with your TN Promise mentor throughout your college career to receive support and guidance.
Check Your Email Every Monday for Weekly Updates Check your email every Monday for weekly updates from TN Achieves to stay informed about the Tennessee Promise program.
Tennessee Promise Website Visit the Tennessee Promise website ( for more information.
Tennessee Promise Phone Number Call the Tennessee Promise hotline at (800) 342-1663 if you have any questions.
Financial Aid Counseling Visit your school’s financial aid office for personalized assistance with applying for financial aid, including the Tennessee Promise scholarship.
Attend Study Skills Workshops Attend study skills workshops offered by your school or community college to help you improve your academic performance and succeed in college.
Read Inspiring Success Stories Read inspiring stories of Tennessee Promise recipients who have achieved their goals to motivate and inspire you.


The Tennessee Promise Scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible students who graduate from a Tennessee high school, homeschool, or earn a GED/HISET before their 19th birthday.

The scholarship covers tuition and mandatory fees at eligible postsecondary institutions in Tennessee.

Recipients must attend mandatory meetings, participate in a mentoring program, and perform community service.


Each scholarship program has criteria; applicants must meet them to pass the review.

  • Students must be from the United States. Alternatively, they can obtain citizenship legally.
  • Be willing to attend mandatory meetings and participate in a mentoring program.
  • College students must attend full-time, continue to participate in the mentoring program, and perform 8 hours of community service before each term the award is received.

Refer to the scholarship page for the complete list of the criteria.

Application Process

To apply for the Tennessee Promise Scholarship, you will need to submit.

  • Your legal name: make sure you use the same name on all your transcripts.
  • Email Address: This will be used to contact you in case there is missing information if eligible.
  • If you want to attend one of the Eligible institutions, check the list here.
  • Submit your application to the TSAC Student Portal.

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