SWASH APP IDO Grand Giveaway

SWASH APP IDO Grand Giveaway

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🎁 300,000 SWASH Tokens to first 10,000 people who complete the following actions will receive SWASH token straight into their Swash wallets, no later than the end of November 2021.

How to join? 👇🏻

🔥 Install Swash extention : https://swashapp.io/referral/155831 ( Mobile users, Use Kiwi browser or Yandex browser)

After installation, create swash wallet, and don’t forget to backup your wallet

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✅ The main task is to install and use the Swash app! Other tasks won’t count if you don’t have the app installed.

Note: Rewards will be distributed no later than the end of November 2021. And The Swash IDO, happening October 2021.

Swash wallets are created for you when you install the Swash application. Your SWASH tokens will be sent there.

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