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Solacryp Airdrop

Solacryp Airdrop Join in guys and Fill out the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScv7MZc1-TMmaVV42F31ULdskl0-2BFBn1zsaaHPVCcXqIoUQ/viewform Join Discord: https://discord.gg/q9D2Zm3v Twitter link: https://twitter.com/solacryp/status/1480293010105458689    

A summary of some ongoing airdrops this week

A summary of some ongoing airdrops this week 1. Alphadex $ROAR Airdrop + Limited Edition NFT’s for Liquidity Providers https://alphadex.medium.com/alphadex-roar-airdrop-limited-edition-nfts-for-liquidity-providers-c31ccab50c0b 2. Fluidity Testnet (Potentital Airdrop only) https://blog.fluidity.money/attention-all-fluiders-fluidity-testnet-v1-is-live-ff85fa86d042 3. Oddz Incentivised Testnet on Avalanche https://medium.com/oddz-finance/detailed-guide-to-oddz-incentivised-testnet-on-avalanche-9978a304e023 4. UnUniFi Protocol Incentivised Testnet https://medium.com/@ununifi/try-ununifi-protocol-testnet-with-telescope-a-block-explorer-and-wallet-a6963d5b364b 5. Zecrey Protocol Public Testnet (Potentital Airdrop only) https://zecrey.medium.com/zecrey-protocol-public-testnet-is-live-now-638d745e0b02 6. Zkyber Incentivised Testnet https://blog.kyber.network/zkyber-a-new-dex-trading-experience-based-on-zk-rollups-6666d52c24cf

Vodra $4,000 worth $VDR Airdrop

Vodra $4,000 worth $VDR Airdrop 🏆 1,000 random winners will get 3$ worth of $VDR. 👉🏻 Join Airdrop bot : https://t.me/VodraGiveaway_bot?start=r0879571658 ⏰ Airdrop end date : 21st January. 🎉 Distribution within One week after TGE.

ROAR Airdrop

ROAR Airdrop Buy 2-3$ worth $Movr & Send to Metamask !! https://app.alphadex.io/swap – Connect with Movr Network ! – Swap some $Movr to $USDC ! – Go to “Liquidity” – Add Liquidity between $Movr & $USDC ! – Fill the form : https://bit.ly/ROARNFTS – All LP Providers will be rewarded with $ROAR token & Alphadex … Read more


EXA FINANCE COMMUNITY AIRDROP The community airdrop page is now live! v You can now check your EXA-points using your wallet address here: https://airdrop.exa.finance To be eligible for the community airdrop, users had to perform a list of actions and submit relevant feedback or a critical bug using our typeform mentioned in the documentation (https://docs.exa.finance/testnet#community-airdrop), … Read more

PotsDao Airdrop

PotsDao Airdrop Airdrop rules l https://discord.gg/Vmc265RyZ8 1. Follow our Twitter https://twitter.com/potsdao 2. Like, Comments and Retweet with hastag #PotsDao #Solana #SolanaAirdrop #Giveaway 3. Join Telegram Group https://t.me/PotsDaoGroup 4. Join Telegram Chanel https://t.me/PotsDao 5. Post your Solana Address Paste your retweet #twitter-retweet-links Paste address #sol-address Paste your telegram username #telegram-username we will check and participants are … Read more

How to get wallet notifications via email

How to get wallet notifications via email – Go to : https://bscscan.com/login – Click three bars – Sign up > Sign in – Click ‘Watch list’ – Add – Enter BSC Address – Please select your notification method below : ✅ Select: Notify on Incoming & Outgoing Txns – Other Options : ✅ Select: Also … Read more

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