On Monday 7 June, trading in ovens threatened to stop supplies to Southern Nigeria

The Onion Producers and Marketers Group of Nigeria (OPMAN) announced that, if the federal Government does not respond to the requests of the association, it will cut off supply to entire southern Nigeria starting on Monday, June 7.
OPMAN President Aliyu Isa said that members of this association lost ions and property of N4,5 billion in various attacks to the south after their meeting in Sokoto on weekends. OPMAN president Aliyu Isa said.
Isa claimed the group lost three members in the Aba crisis in Abia State, with over thirty trailers, nine power vehicles, 50 storehouses, 10,000 onion bags among the valuables of their members destroyed. He stated that 27 lives, five trailers, 5,600 Onions bags, 12 utility cars and other goods have been lost at Shasa, Oyo State.
“Our solution was to shut down supply of onions in the whole South on Monday, June 7, 2021 until we met all the demands,” he said. “The leaders of this association deliberated full and the government failed to respond to our cry.
Isah stated one of the demands of OPMAN would include the need to properly recompense its Southern Members who incurred losses as a result of ethno-religious crises.

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