Ogun State:An incomplete mission to rebuild

Ogun State:An incomplete mission to rebuild
A devastating sight: Agbado oja flyover bridge,ogun state
Agbado Oja flyover bridge, Ogun State
It is highly important for every government to have it’s party manifestos. This way, the people will easily know which party will finally do them right. But,the case of the bridge is the opposite of people’s expectations. This bridge is one of the aim of the former governor of ogun state Ibukunle Amosun in his tenure. The task involved: demolishing houses to make vast land for the bridge. But,it is now an eye sour.
The bridge is not only incomplete.In other words,it is a awful sight to behold. This Agbado oja bridge cannot be compared to Alagbole-Yokoyo flyover which is near it’s completion. Or,is this bridge less important cause it is not in Abeokuta where the governor resides. How do we expect a state to grow if the government in power fail to continue its predecessor’s project.
Agbado oja flyover bridge
Two residents of the area express their disappointment on the uncompleted bridge. One of them said :” I’m expecting the new governor will at least complete this bridge. Who can imagine a bridge filled with grown weeds in different areas.
Another said: “what development has occurred in agbado oja? which government has been worthy in agbado oja?
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The images below shows how pitiful and unkept the flyover bridge looks like. Still,motorists use the bridge which is open to dangers, risks and can result to fatal accidents. The residents of Agbado oja hopes and expects the government not only look into this issue.But, to ensure continuity of the project and not wait for a decade like the Alagbole-Yokoyo flyover.
Agbado oja flyover bridge

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