Nigeria is going through a difficult time, according to Okowa

Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta State, has stated that Nigeria is in a troubled state due to the declining economy caused by a variety of factors, including deteriorating security across the country.
On Friday, Okowa urged Nigerians to pray for God to intervene and improve the situation.
“Many people are hungry and unable to feed themselves because they are unable to farm as they once did due to growing insecurity,” he said.
“Pray for our country because we are going through a difficult time; the country is insecure, and our state is not immune; whatever affects the country affects the states.
“We are living in trying times so many people are hungry and unable to feed themselves, but we have faith that God will intervene and bring about positive change.
“Our economy has deteriorated, and insecurity is exacerbating the problem; we can no longer farm as we once did, but we remain hopeful that God will turn things around for the country.”

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