Nigeria Has Turned Into A Massive Killing Field – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Caucus has condemned the country’s current security situation, claiming that Nigeria has devolved into a massive killing field.
According to a communique read by the party’s national chairman following a caucus meeting at the Akwa Ibom Governors’ Lodge in Abuja, Nigeria is rapidly descending into anarchy, with security of lives and property “practically non-existent.”
“The land is being ravaged by terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling, rape, arson, and mindless murder of citizens and even security agents. Criminals have unchecked taken complete control of most aspects of our lives. The government appears powerless to intervene.
Nigeria has devolved into a massive killing field.
“The meeting also noted Boko Haram’s unrestricted expansion into newer and inner territories close to the seat of government in Abuja, and expressed alarm at the security agencies’ and President Muhamadu Buhari’s APC government’s capitulation.
According to the meeting, President Buhari has failed the people at a time of grave national crises,” according to a portion of the communiqué.

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