Nigeria @60: What Social Media users feel?

Imagine waking up on this day to see google launch with Happy Independence day Nigeria tag. Isn’t that a feat alone?

The social media is no doubt one of the greatest forces that unites people. In short, fact and theories proves that almost 3/4 of world youth’s population uses different media accounts. Likewise, dailydigital’s research proves that a great percentage of these internet-freaks operate more than one accounts. An indication that there’s a tendency of reaching more than a country’s population in a blink of an eye.
Meanwhile, the social media has its own way of keeping records.
Now, do you recall what’s in the header? Yes. Certainly, people saw that in the mornings. I did too. Don’t fret!
Nigeria marks 60 years of political freedom. So, it is a norm to see the media homepages with the surge of information. But, what did Nigerians feel after attaining thrice a score as a giant polity?
The answer to this is puzzle lies in the common social media pages, validations well served.
To clarify, our explorer have pictures details of people’s view on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter. Outputs from the social media pages from the checkup vary from expectations, I daresay.
Similarly, reports on reactions of the people of Nigeria to President Buhari address also catches our fancy. The major general (rtd.) claims he’s an advocate of free and fair elections. This is in sequel to his acknowledgement on the Edo polls. However, the main crux is in his declaration of the pump price increase as no big deal. According to him, world countries charge more than Nigeria and they’re doing well economically. These and many more make up for the unruly broadcast from youths on their media pages.
On the other hand, we saw a number of positive-notioned publications.
We see goodwill for Nigeria – no more, no less.
Social media
Social Media

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