Leaders should set priorities – TMLC

The making leadership club (TMLC) talks on the need to set priorities in her last symposium.

An in-depth study of the human society reflects a conglomeration of various association and interactions. To clarify, these associations range from political to social and interest groups. Therefore, there is a need to co-ordinate the affairs of these distinctive individuals. Leaders are in the best place to perform regulatory and advisory roles in any setting. They do so by making major decisions on behalf of their discrete followers.
However, different schools of thought maintains that making right choices is a delicate part of leadership. A declaration that leaders needs to ensure that they set priorities. Every amiable leader should make decisions that reflect well debated premises, though personal. Heads on, regarding how to solve certain puzzles, are clearly outlined if these thoughts are made.
TMLC is the short for The Making Leadership Club. The club is a network of youths with an aim of instilling leadership culture in people’s conducts. Likewise, TMLC does the lot of setting project topics to enlighten its members. Meanwhile, these varying teachings are done at a pace that embraces the personality of all and sundry. Certainly, one can come to a conclusion that the club is best place for every leader.
Similarly, the non-profit network
address its people as leaders or headmen, so to say. We can then come to a conclusion that the motive of establishment is not ulterior.

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TMLC’s last session centres on how to choose real priorities.

Speaking in the meeting on a Whatsapp closed group, Mr. Bolu opaniran said:

” Firstly, leaders should set priorities. Setting priorities is an integral part of choice making. That is to say, it helps to make for good leadership without grave effect on the leader’s personality. Consequently, there are several points to note while choosing real prorities ……….”

Most importantly, the apt graphics designer makes clarifications on the need to regard God while choosing priorities as leaders.
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