Lagos and other affected states needs prayers over surge, says Pastor olawore

According to DAILYDIGITAL correspondent, Lagos Clergyman, Pastor Olawore, procliams the need for divine intervention over second wave of COVID-19.

Income generation, to all economic class, is a matter of general importance. Therefore, development analysts lay more emphasis on the extensive utilization of human resources. This is with a motive of ensuring steadfast in implementation of development plans. In a way, these ideologies also bring about job creation and birth of empowerment schemes. For commercialized areas like Lagos, grants and other aids are necessary to smoothen the circular flow of income. To clarify, the rush for befitting living standards appears as the major cause of the need for subsidies.
However, Lagos takes the tag at the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, alongside regards as the largest African economy. That is to say, the southwestern metropolis tops the list of foreign investors when Africa is the headword. For this reason, the outbreak of COVID-19 take great effect on her, almost resulting in total economic breakdown within the state. From private to public enterprises, huge drops in working capital (for private firms) and total operational efficiency downturns (for parastatals). After months of lockdown, the PTF on COVID-19 set measures for easing the stress and commencement of economic activities. Then, Lagos follow put in the reopening of churches, businessplaces and other establishmnets.


Coronavirus: Babajide Sanwo-Olu instills lockdown, bans gatherings
In the passing week, Gov. Babajide Sanwo-olu instills another lockdown with a motive of curbing the spread of the Coronavirus. By right, this is the second outbreak within the space of one year. To Pastor Olawore, the matter as it concerns Lagos, most importantly, requires divine intervention.
Pastor Olawore
Pastor Olawore is a divsional clergy head in TGLC ministries, Ogba. He, according to our findings, take out his time to visit orphanages more often. Certainly, that is his own way of giving back to the society. In today’s lecture on the act of service, he said:
“……… God’s love is duly immense, special and all embracing. But, it is right to note that serving God, The Father is our utmost responsibility. We should all make it a call to duty to work and pray. As in the scriptures, we can do all things through the Lord that strengthens us. So, we should pray against the second wave of COVID-19 on Lagos and other Nigerian states”
Pastor Olawore on another account says : obedience to preventive measures is also an act of service.While this lasts, we should be kind and communal. Subsequently, celebrating the wins amidst all odds is one of our duties at the moment. This matter needs divine intervention. Praying to God and to heal all lands and beseeching him over the safety of frontline workers is a good act too. In short, only a soulful Christain will ………..
Tell a friend to tell a friend that COVID-19 is real. Stay Safe Lagos! Stay Safe Nigeria!

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