Kastina protests over recent kidnap feels like a nightmare, says Reno Omokri

Popular Nigerian lawyer and activist, Reno Omokri, acclaims that Kastina protesters are wholly indifferent, despite regrets over the recent menace

According to Abraham Lincoln, democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. That is to say, the people are principle agents for the sustenance of democracy. Policies and decision making in a true democracy is best in favour of the citizenry. They take part in political activities and ensure their exclusive rights work out for protection. Likewise, the role of contemporary activists like Reno Omokri are ideal for national growth. Talking on insecurity, human rights abuse and other vices are simple ways of shuning apathy. Similarly, activists help in relaying the needs to the ordinary people to the government alongside communicating pressure, urgency and influence.
Over the weekend, bandits kidnap over five hundred (500) school children in Kastina. This is on the trot with the usual turn of insurgency common in the northern part of Nigeria. To clarify, the geo-political zone has a record of high rate of terror cases, which covers more than thirty percent of such occurences in Africa. Nigerians are employing the social media to express their heartfelt grief over this ill-fated eventuality. So, Reno Omokri, in what appears like his response to the insurgent act, make some noteworthy acclamations.
Kastina kidnap


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Before delving into details, it is right to note the stand of a faction of the Northern region, particularly Katsina over the just-concluded ENDSARS protests. Firstly, a large number of the inhabitants of major cities in the north support the continous existence of the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS). To clarify, a number of offnet protesters blame the state of inaction of the police-like group in the North to this lot. Subsequently, certain( and or uncertain) suppositions also claim that the counter attack of the SARS unit co-occur more in the southwest and southeast than other regions. In this light, the protests appears to have gone on a ligher note in the agro-based regions.
Via his personal Instagram handle, Reno Omokri, see the protest over the kidnap as an indifferent act.
“It is so sad to have school children in Kastina in hostage. The North is not safe. But, I still see the actions of the protesters as indifferent because they regard the ENDSARS protest less. Now, the question is: Why then should they protest now?”, said Reno Omokri.
Nigeria is unsafe. The north is unsafe. Reno Omokri feels the acts of insecurity should follow the rule of collective responsibility. Meanwhile, it is ideal to understand that he feels a whole bundle of grievance over the mischief. In short, the goal is to mount pressure on the government for improvement. Based on this, what’s your take on the state of things in Kastina? – Use the comment box

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