It’s gone viral. A 10-year-old boy was found attempting to smoke marijuana in an unfinished house (Video)

A viral video shows a 10-year-old boy being trapped in an unfinished building while attempting to smoke marijuana, also known as cannabis.
Sunday, a young child, was apprehended by a man who was questioning him about his mission in the house.
The minor said in the video that he sneaked into the building to smoke the weed and that he had no intention of stealing it.
Sunday, who admitted he is a welding apprentice, said he couldn’t smoke at the job site, so he shielded the substance from his coworkers because they mustn’t know he’s smoking.
When asked what the substance he was caught with was called, he replied, “Oja” (meaning marijuana).
In response to the man’s question about how he got into the house, Sunday led him to the small burglary and explained how he squeezed himself into the structure through the burglary.

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