Is lionshare scam? Lionshare review

Is lionshare scam? Lionshare review

Here, i will brief you on the legitimacy of lionshare. we will keep it brief and simple

Lionshare is a smart contract just like forsage and its being lunched on block chain technology, it helps you to earn more ethereum and accumulate it more.

Is lionshare scam? Lionshare review. Now here is my complete findings on lionshare.

Lionshare founders seems to be Nigerians as no close associates are from outside Nigeria. Nigerians has been the only country where lionshare is circulating.

Lionshare is a complete copy of the original smart contract forsage which makes it less trust worthy. Forsage is the first smart contract which is thriving world wide now.

Lionshare is based on spill overs and referrals which is the same as forsage.

If something can not be original, what makes you think its the best? why copy someone when you could have been unique and distinguished?

The site and its servers had issues few weeks ago after its launch, it was not properly demonstrated or tested before launching on the server, and this is to tell you that it was copied and it was a rushed project which is after profit.

If you want to be part of smart contract, i will direct you to the origin of smart contract, which is forsage. Most celebrities you know are part of it.

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