Insecurity : We want Borno security chieftains sacked, says Nigerian Senate

A government is a machinery, usually an establishment, by and for the state to manage and administer its functions and duties. As an institution, it is the right of every responsible government to protect its citizens. Creating an enabling environment for work, association and network is a principal idea that should appear pertinent in every state. Likewise, the ordinary people also desires to cohabitate without fear. Insecurity, as a subjective term, is common to all nation-state. However, the rate of insecurity varies from polities to polities. Many argue that political instability and degradation in family values build up the major threats to national peace. For instance, the cases of banditry common in West Africa are attributable to the ill state of the nations.
Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the largest economy in Western Africa. For this reason, it takes a whole lot to break into analysis of trends and newsies without details. Common attacks on Nothern states like Borno springs up several opinions amongst members of the public. People, irrespective of cultural background, talk frequently on the need to enhance security nationwide. The #securenorth movement is also taking a grievious step on Twitter. To clarify, the odds that comes with killings on farmlands in Borno and other states are so numerous. Food scarcity, manpower loss and sustenance of life-long injuries are major losses that recount.
After the recent attack on the state, the Nigerian senate decide to intervene in the issues as always. According to Borno state representative in the cabinet, the people of the Home of Peace deserves more.
Insecurity in Borno

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Buhari pledges focus on agriculture
He said: ” ………. So, according to chapter one subsection 14b of the 1999 constitution, the government has major roles to play. Most importantly, it centres on protection of lives and property of the citizen. The chieftains, I mean the Chief of Army staff and other serving warleaders in the state are long overdue. Meanwhile, I do believe strongly that change of plans from new and amiable minds will suffice. It is about time Northern states witness a turnaround. Insecurity is not a ball plan for …………”
From this stand, a report was gotten lately that the senate will be inviting President Buhari soon. Therefore, this is with a motive of discussing the conspiracies and possible solutions regarding insecurity in Borno and other Northern region.
What’s your take on this. Are we really safe countrywise?

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