In Ondo, two brothers were sentenced to death by hanging for stealing cellphones.

For cheating, two brothers, Isaac Sunday and Isaac Lucky, as well as their accomplice, Ovie Nana Friday, were sentenced to death by hanging by an Ondo court.

The convicts are accused of using dangerous weapons to dispose of several residents of Bolorunduro in Ondo state’s belongings, including cell phones, motorcycles, cash, and other valuables, in December 2013.
They were originally charged with five counts, including conspiracy and armed robbery. Later, the charges were increased to six.
The prosecution team was led by Olusegun Akeredolu, the Chief Legal Officer of the Ondo State Ministry of Justice, who called in four witnesses and submitted confessional statements from the accused, which were acknowledged.
The defendants, who were represented by Samson Iluyemi, testified on their own behalf but did not show any exhibits.
Justice Yemi Fasanmi, the trial judge, said the prosecution team had proven its case beyond reasonable doubts and sentenced the two brothers and their accomplice to death by hanging today, March 25.

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