Ikorodu Bois Will Be Included In Netflix’s Oscar Film Brand Campaign

The Ikorodu Bois are a group of brothers and one cousin who are well-known for remaking famous Hollywood and music video scenes.
Netflix announced in a statement to The Punch that its campaign is aimed at Netflix fans who enjoy not only watching but also recreating scenes from Netflix movies.

The statement reads as follows:

“Netflix’s global reach has reawakened a new generation of film fans around the world, helping them to experience new viewpoints, see themselves mirrored, and inspire new ways of movie-love.
“Once a year, the Oscars pierce the culture and bring movies to our collective attention, and this year, we’re focusing on the Ikorodu Bois to remind moviegoers that the audience is the most important part of the film.
“For films and film fans, the year 2020/21 has been a strange and wonderful year, and our films have brought joy and optimism to the industry, and, more importantly, to fans. We see the pleasure of becoming a fan in seeing the Ikorodu Bois channel their imagination into remakes/tributes of their favorite movies.”
The reason for choosing Ikorodu Bois and concentrating on fans of the year, according to Netflix Vice President of Brand, Eric Pallotta, is to honor them for inspiring the Netflix team.
“We chose the Ikorodu Bois because their style is both charming and special, combining DIY art with childlike joy to recreate big-budget movies on a shoestring budget.
“They first caught our attention in June 2020, when they remade the trailer for Extraction. The Bois have a worldwide following because their enthusiasm for entertainment is contagious, and they remind us of how we felt when we first fell in love with movies as children.”
“We love movies because they give us the motivation we need, put us in the best mood, and encourage us to get a glimpse into the lives of amazing people,” said Babatunde Sanni, Director of the Ikorodu Bois.
“We do what we do because we love film, and we want to show the world that big things can be accomplished with little stuff.”

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