If President Trump Fails to Act By End of December

The projected winner of the 2020 United State of American Election President “Joe Biden”  has taken to his social media handle saying that twelve million Americans will lose unemployment befits, Emergency paid leave will end, The moratorium on evictions will expire.
He stated that the situation is urgent. Americans needs help and they need it now.
Recently he stated that the country US is in the middle of a dramatic spike in Covid-19 cases. He then pleaded to the country to always wear a mask, keep social distance, and limit the size of any groups. It’s our patriotic duty as Americans. With less than 50 days until inauguration day, now is the perfect time to stock up on gear to celebrate. He stated that on the day he will be inaugurated he will call on the public to wear a mask for 100 days. Let’s keep our fellow Americans safe.
On 4th of December 2020 Joe Biden join with the communities, advocates, and activists around the world to celebrate the united state nations international day of persons with disabilities and recommit ourselves to upholding the civil rights of persons with disabilities around the globe.
This day is an even more necessary reminder of this fight as the world struggles to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, a crisis that has openly and dispropornately impacted the global disability community. As we fight the pandemic and rebuild our economy, we can’t just build back to ways things were. We have to build a stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive society. That means providing access to high quality, affordable health care, protecting and strengthening economic security for Americans with disability have the resource necessary to mitigate the significant effects this pandemic has had on their education. We must ensure that people of color with disabilities have a fair shot and are treated equally. And, as the global pandemic underscores how connected we are to communities across the globe, we must also recognize the ways we can win and promote inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities everywhere.
On every day of our administration, we will be fully committed to dignity, equity, and civil rights for all people with disabilities who will have a voice and will be at the table in our administration for the critical work ahead. To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy.     

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