How to move CKB from L2(Godwoken) to L1(Nervos)

How to move CKB from L2(Godwoken) to L1(Nervos)

For now users can bridge CKB from the Godwoken Layer 2 Network to the Nervos Layer 1 Mainnet via YokaiSwap. Please note that The bridging process of CKB from Godwoken Network to Nervos Mainnet will take at least 3 days due to the technical stack of Nervos. As YokaiSwap will host a LP Mining campaign on December 3

(,** you might lose the opportunity to stake CKB-YOK LP token and mine YOK on YokaiSwap by then. So please make sure that you have thoroughly considered this detail before you bridge the CKB assets.**

Besides, SafePal will officially support the L2–>L1 bridge of CKB in the next V3.0.1 update (

If you still want to transfer your CKB from the Godwoken Layer 2 Network to Nervos Layer 1 Mainnet at this moment, please refer to this tutorial:–YokaiSwap-WHO-How-to-bridge-CKB-Godwoken-L2-to-CKB-Nervos-L1-via-YokaiSwap-

2. I can’t see my WHO rewards from the YokaiSwap DApp. Is this normal?

The YOK WHO event held by SafePal is different from the IDO event held by YokaiSwap. Hence you can’t view the WHO rewards straight from the YokaiSwap DApp.

Please go to the WHO DApp within the SafePal DAppstore to view your $YOK rewards from the WHO campaign.

3. What is the contract address of YOK? Why can’t I find it from the Godwoken Explorer?

The YOK contract address is: 0xb02c930C2825A960A50ba4Ab005e8264498b64a0 (

Along with the iteration of the Godwoken Explorer coming next, the YOK contract address can be then found on the Godwoken Explorer ( coming next.

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6. I want to custom add $YOK in my SafePal wallet, can I do that?

Since SafePal doesn’t support the balance display of $YOK at the moment, you can’t custom add $YOK like adding other ERC20 tokens. Before the V3.0.2 update is released, you can view the $YOK Balance in YokaiSwap by following this guideline:–YokaiSwap-WHO-How-to-view-the-YOK-Balance-in-the-YokaiSwap

7. What will the V3.0.2 update be released? Do I have to spend another 3 days if I use the SafePal wallet to bridge CKB from L2 to L1?

The V3.0.2 update is pending at the last testing stage. The ETA of the update release is December 8, subject to the changes from the SafePal team:

As the 3-day count-down period is a technical feature of the Nervos blockchain, users will still have to go through the 3-day count-down if he/she uses the bridge in the SafePal V3.0.2 update.

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