How to collect iTunes from clients when both of you are chatting

How to collect iTunes from clients when both of you are chatting

I was notified last week asking if it’s her mother’s maiden name or favorite at all the firmware in my phone needs upgrade including my Facebook and my camera that I can’t be able to take pics or chat with my phone anymore until I get my phone upgraded before I can make use of it, right now I’m using my friend phone to chat with you, when I took my phone to a repairer he told me All I need to get is an iTunes card, he said that’s what I can use to get all the applications upgraded and the cam to start working, and right now I’m broke that I can’t get the iTunes. Babe if you can get it for I will be so grateful because I don’t wanna lose you and the way we chat on here. The repairer said the iTunes is just $100 or you can get $50 to get my phone fixed.

hey baby…..  please can you make it to the store for me today I needed to upgrade my phone this damm iPhone really sucks, is going to have all my apps shut down if I don’t upgrade it today, want you to help me get iTunes gift card at the store 100$ or more what I need for the update is 88$ so I can get music with the rest of movie, wanna get it here but I just found out they ain’t selling it here..  love you baby hope this won’t stress you when you get it just scratch it snap and send it to me love


hey baby the silliest thing just happened

I’m  locked out of my phone I can’t Access chat play songs or video PR listen to your beautiful voice notes that puts me to bed at night

why cause apple says I’m upgrading my apps and store On  my phone before I can Access my message  and call logs and gallery and social media platforms

I cant see your pretty smile that also puts me to sleep at night and also put me to bed because I have the assurance that someone loves me

so baby please if you may can you kindly go to any store and get 400$ iTunes card 100$× 4

300$ for the update itself and 100$ to download songs on the store so I can hear what your fav music sounds like.

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