How Education Causes Unemployment in Nigeria

Nigerian educational system inflates unemployment rate among the Nigeria youth.
The system employed by Nigerians is Certificate Based System (CBS), that is to say, they focus more on Certificate for employment than intelligence. But, despite, Nigerians are subconsciously falling into some pit which is avoidable. This article discuses how education causes unemployment in Nigeria.
Nigerian Schools’ name sometimes turns many graduates to enemy of employment. Some certificates are not worthy or strong enough to justle and compete with their counterpart in the labour market and it thereby made many unemployed.
There are many a Nigerian School owned by the Federal or State government which was established on some certain goals, for instance, on Agriculture, Technology and Transportation. These Schools are supposed to base on their establishment goals and produce students who can withstand the race beyond the school gate. And there by reduce unemployment rate of the nation. But, no, the case is reversed, due to greediness of some of the people in the control of the system.
Imagine a job seeker, who came for employment having his Diploma in Accountancy from a College of Agriculture. However, his counterparts had theirs from a conventional college. Even, before he open his bucal cavity, his papers has disqualified him. Similarly, a Medical Doctor who had his MB; BS Diploma from a University of Technology, contrary to his counterparts that gotten theirs from Medical Colleges. No matter how smart he is, his school’s name has worked against him.
Why should Colleges of Agriculture offer courses beyond Agricultural related courses? Why should University of Technology offer Clinical and Management Courses? As a result, they are producing graduates who will inflate the unemployment rate in Nigeria. These Universities should focus on their reasons of establishment. In this regard, they will produce students of high quality who can be able to compete with their counterparts and thereby reduce unemployment rate of the nation.
In conclusion, research had it that student often falls for the failed educational system because of the competition in admission. But the saying “he who laugh last, laugh best” is still working. Student shouldn’t rush for admission otherwise he will end up in a trash of a school.  One’s future in the labour market has begun once one had applied for the entrance exam of one’s desired school.

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