Governor Uzodinma instructs security operatives to kill bandits before they kill you

Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma has instructed security personnel to guarantee that bandits are the ones who die in the war against insecurity.

On Tuesday, June 15, during a condolence visit to the State police command headquarters in Owerri, Uzodinma urged police officers not to let bandits who are not licensed to carry arms to kill them.
He stated,
“You are the only people who are legally allowed to carry a gun.
“Then you let a man named Bandit, who isn’t licensed to carry a gun, come to your station and murder you.
“Assassinate them before they assassinate you.”
Uzodinma also stated that his administration would implement an insurance policy for all security personnel in the state.
According to him, there are plans for a welfare scheme that would recompense all family members of those who died during the state’s upheaval.
He stated that his administration would not desert the families of the dead cops and would increase the logistics required by the state’s police.

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