(i)To educate the citizens on their Right and duties

(ii)to make the citizens aware of what is happening in the country

(iii)to help the citizens participate I. The political government affairs of the country

(iv)to educate the citizens on the laws of the land

(v)to make the citizens to avoid reporting politics mistakes made in the past


(i) Volunteer to support democratic institutions (League of Women Voters).

(ii)Express concern about the welfare of the community as a whole (environment, public health and safety, education).

(iii)Help to make the community a good place to work and live (by becoming involved with public service organizations, tutoring, volunteering in nursing homes).

(iv)democratic society requires the active participation of its citizens.

(v)citizens help the community service to gain


Responsible parenthood is the act or process of effective discharge of duties and obligations of upbringing/rearing of children/wards by parents or guardians.


(i) Education: Education is the right of every child. It is one of the responsibility of parents to their children. Education is power, and giving a child a quality education is the greatest gift every parents can give to their children.

(ii) Good Home Training: This covers wide range of character moulding, attitudinal shaping and inculcating of moral ethical and societal value to the children, home/family as the agent of socialization has to inculcate love, respect, friendliness, hospitality as well as national ethnic of discipline to the children.

(iii) Respecting The Child’s Feeling: Some parents have an attitude of talking about their children, especially their unpleasant habits, in front of others.

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(iv) Providing For The Household: The parents ought to or suppose to provide shelter, food, cloth, medical care, spiritual care, education and social needs for their family.

(v) Caring: Caring is been kind, helpful and showing that you care about other people. So parents should look after and care for their household in providing what their children needs for their health and protections.

(vi) Building Positive Concept In Your Children: It is the role or duty of responsible parents to build self esteem in their children.

3a)Dialogue: This is a formal discussion between two or more groups in a conflict situation or disagreement. This skill of resolving inter-communal conflicts involves parties to the conflict to sit down and discuss on the problem and suggest solutions to end the conflict among or between the communities.

Mediation: This is another way of resolving dispute where a third party intervenes for the two or more communities or groups. In order to avoid further violence so he/she advises both groups, act as intermediary and suggest possible solutions.

Grass-roots community based activities: This inter-communal relationship festivals like new yam festival, initiation rites, marriage ceremonies, sharing of village and community markets etc, death rites, etc bring people from far and near to have face to face interaction that is capable of disabusing their minds and forget the past.

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