Forms of Agriculture You Need To Know

Forms of Agriculture but firstly let’s look into the definition of agriculture. Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating of crops and rearing of animals for man’s consumption.

The crops and animals are used as food, clothing, shelter and transport. More sweet common word used for agriculture is farming. The far is where crops and animals are produce but agriculture is much more than just production of crops these days. It involves the gathering of crops and animals, products, processing, transporting, storage and marketing.
The modern agriculture began with the Early men in other to get foods, they Wonder in the bush, gather wild fruits and hunt for animals.
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The early man were referred to as wonderras as they began to increase in population these source of food were no longer enough for them. Later the early men observed that the seeds of plants threw away germinated, grew into trees and stated to produce fruits. Through these observation planting of crops and keeping of animals for food started. With these practice the early men began to have settled life the invented crude oil tools.
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The early men practiced trade by barter where goods were exchanged for goods.
As a result of important farming technology and specialization by individuals, production of crops and animals on commercial level come into existence.

  1. Crop farming
  2. Horticulture
  3. Livestock
  4. Bee farming
  5. Snail farming
  6. Forestry
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CROP FARMING: It is the growing of both food crops and cash crops by farmers either in large or small scale foods and crops usually annal crops such as maize, cassava, rice, potatoes, guinea corn, millet, cowpea, wheat. E.t.c Bieninal crops such as pineapple, cocoyam, plantains, oil palm, mango e.t.c
HORTICULTURE: This is concerned with the production and preservation of fruits and flower, example, eatable vegetables like tomatose, green garden egg, cabbage.
BEE FARMING: This is concerned with the keeping and manfenance of bees for the production of honey.
LIVESTOCK FARMING: This involves in the rearing of animal products for use by man.
FISH FARMING: This is the form of agriculture that deals with the production of fish and other aquatic animals.
SNAIL FARMING: This is the rearing of snail to supping. With protein today snail is one of the agricultural animals man is trying to learn or domesticate.
FORESTRY: This deal with study of forest and forest protocol involves the management of forestry and wide life of forest animals or wide are tiger, lion, antelope.

  1. Provision of food: Through farming the farmer is able to provide food for himself and family members like food material from the farmer eg egg, rice, beans.
  2. Provision of clothing materials: It provides clothing materials such as cotton wool .
  3. Provision of housing: From agriculture we get timber products like planks, in this case when the timber has been sliced into usable woods.
  4. Income from the farm: The farmer gets money after selling his or her farm products from his or her farm and other people involved in the activities of agriculture like drivers who come to produce market woman who goes to village to buy from produce and sell to the consumer.
  5. Animal manure:  The dropping and hiding of farm animals can be used as manure to improve the quality of the soil this helps the farmer to produce more food for himself and other people in the society.
  6. Work and transport: Some farm animals to till the soil before planting of crops. The animals are bulback (casted male cattle) others like horses,  Carmel are used as transportation.
  7. Provision of furniture: Items from the farm such as timber produce are used for making chairs, tables, bed, cup-boards e.t.c
  8. Employ for farm: The farmer engage in growing of crops and rearing of animals to earn a living and the society if jobless .
  9. Provision of medicine: Some of these farm products are used to produce drugs to treat our health.
  10. Body fitness: farmers engage in physical activities in the press of carrying ant farming operations which keeps them fit and healthy.
  11. Royal development: Agriculture brings about good and wonderful development to Varun areas where most of the farmer reside and can be informed of construction of good roads, provision like water supply, electricity, school and health centres for children.
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Food: Agriculture provides food for the people to the nation.
Income: It serves as some of revenue to the government through export duties place on agricultural produce export.
Employment: Agriculture provides job opportunities to many people in the country.
Source of Foreign exchange: This is seen as when Nigeria sells his agricultural rubber to other countries.
Agriculture provides market for manufactured goods like pesticides, animal foods.
provision of raw materials: It provides materials used in industries.
I’m really getting more sweetness of agriculture; so this is to tell you that agriculture and it’s forms has lots of benefits. With agriculture, hunger will not be in a community and there will be more employment that will help youths and others. Thank God that we have easy farming tools that helps every individuals to work freely and good.
Agriculture provides  provides job opportunities to many people in the country. This form helps to remove poverty, stealing, killing and lots more from the community or country.

  1. Subsistence agriculture
  2. Commercial agriculture

Subsistence agriculture is the type of agriculture in which the farmer produce and just enough for his family, if in case there is a good harvest he can sell in soplus.
Commercial agriculture is the type of agriculture where by the farmer farm for money by practicing the production of rice oil palm with the sole to make money.
The farm walk is done by the farmer and his family members.
The farm is always small
He does not protect his crops from pest and disease.
The farmer do not practice the use of fertilizer.

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