Executive and Legislature collectivity is best for Nigeria

Nigeria @60: Collective efforts of executive and legislative arms is treasury (OPINION)

In popular democracies like Nigeria, power sharing between the executive and legislature is a crux. Constitutional documents show clearly the limitations of these sister arms of government. Oftentimes, strifes which arise in the name of ‘watchdoging’ are usually detrimental to national growth. This is in the area of displacing pressing matters for arbitration appeals. Meanwhile, there have been instances of cabinet systems that end up failing despite the union.

Following the receipt of a TV programme, an analyst spoke on correlation of the executive and legislative arm. To clarify, the politically-inclined individual eyes great feat for Nigeria and Nigerians if it works.
His sayings:
” Without much ado, I’ve come to a conclusion that the arms of government needs unification. Most importantly, the executive and legislature are sure to accelerate national growth if such happens. The people, who made them head these offices, deserves the development. However, the ideology behind this leaves the judiciary independent (an ability to work distinctively). A number of trial and error policies that will boost all national activities becomes easy to map out.
The foremost political analyst, in conclusion, said:
“….. At 60, Nigeria deserves more from everyone. Members of the executive and legislative arms, at all levels, should deploy ideas towards sustainable development. As a result, the corporate action will, in turn, command popular participation and political legitimacy. To sum it up, leadership goals initiatives should also be organized. This will help to educate people about government and institutional………..”
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But, do you think reforming the governmental arms is essential for developing Nigeria?

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