Environment : Thunder strikes, kills 13 cows in Ogun state

The human environment is a functional ecosystem, one which houses man, plants and animals alike. However, we cannot rule out the prevalent losses caused by natural disasters. Common among these disasters include flooding, earthquakes, thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions and landslides to mention a few. Since man has no control over nature, then it is apparent that we live to bear whatever it brings forth. In addition, environmental and biodiversity experts maintains that we need to prepare for unforseen contingencies. For instance, people are advised to build house on strong foundations because of thunder strikes. In case of other disasters, there are other good ways to attend to emergencies. In short, these methods varies and are as though distinct towards live saving and property protection.


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In a recent report by Yabaleftonline, the incident occurred in Atan area of Ogun state. Several comments and retweet made it clear that it was a natural although diabolical-implied phenomenon in such environment. Similarly, Dailydigital, in our findings, maintains that the phenomenon of thunder strikes still leaves the community heads awestruck.
Environment : Thunder strikes, kills 13 cows in Ogun state.
Environment : Thunder strikes, kills 13 cows in Ogun state.

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