Entrance examination: see people’s thoughts

National Common Entrance Examination draws nearer, stirs up different emotions amongst parents, students and teachers.

National common entrance examination, according to legislations, is to hold in October.
The 6-3-3-4 educational system makes it compulsory for students to take entrance examination. To clarify, this crux is perculiar to students in the apex at the primary school section. The aim of organizing this examination is to undersee the abilities of intakes into the second lap. Moreover, the delay is due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the first quarter of the year.
Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, in coalition with school administrators, slates October for entrance examination.
Entrance examination
Dailydigital set out to parts of Ogun State to ask students how they’re preparing for the examination.
Firstly, meeting with Kayode Uthman Oluwaseun of NCS gives an impressive insight.
See words from one of the interrogated students:
“…….I’m very happy to be in JSS1 now. My parents have been engaging me in extra classes during Corona Virus lockdown. So, the entrance examination means more to me as a student. Students, my friends too, are hoping to pass the exams well……………”
After that, a contact with Mrs. Adeniyi also strike a merry chord. The woman doubles as an entrepreneur and school propietor. See what she feels for students as the exam approaches.
“…………. That is to say, common entrance is a measure of their ability. However, I’m sure this doesn’t disturb the fact that they’re in a new class now. Most importantly, I thank God that they joined school hale and hearty after the lockdown………….”
Meanwhile, a number of our respondents complain on the risk of the virus. In short, it takes many through times of pondering before considering the purchase of the form. This is in sequel to the economic hardship as things stand. But, education and matter-of-factly the entrance examination is very important.

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