ENDSARS: Words of Yemi Osinbajo in the first lap are noteworthy, says Akinode

According to political theories, considering the plight of the people is very instrumental for national growth. To clarify, virtually all system and form of government depends on wide populace. People form groups, unions and secular societies to make up a polity. However, placing a priority on the stand of the majority is one of the most important factors of democracy. It takes the engagement of formal organizations to act upon opinion polls for effectiveness. Evaluation shows that the Buhari – Yemi Osinbajo adminstration is 45% responsive to outcries, a tract way below average. Meanwhile, this premise is based on deductive reasoning and, therefore, should not be treated with total vigour.
The just-concluded ENDSARS protests serve as a clarion call for all, also posing the need for popular participation. While it lasted, Osinbajo, at a time, express anger and ineptitude over counter-violent activities of FSARS officials.

Can you still remember the reason behind the ENDSARS protests? – Here’s a quick recap.

Federal Special Anti-robbery squad, FSARS, is a sub-arm of the Nigeria’s police force(NPF). As a body, they are to tackle cases of robbery and other like vices countrywide. This is to be done under special regulations in alliance with NPF’s role of maintaining peace and orderliness of the citizenry. In this regard, the usual of having FSARS officials man special roadpoints isn’t too much of a real deal. However, reports of FSARS officials killing and maiming Nigerians are everywhere in the news. Subsequently, these Special Anti-robbery Squad are featuring in viral videos. More of which shows that the lives of Nigerians are unsafe. Top celebrities in the entertainment and media world also drops off reciepts of their encounter. That is to say, no one is getting prefential treatment from the police -like squad. Hence, the flag off of the ENDSARS campaign.
Foremost Vice President Yemi Osinbajo doubles as a diplomat and law enthusiast. Speaking from the state house in Abuja, the 63 years old christain leader expresses burning anger on the recurring vices on the account of FSARS officials. Most importantly, he sees the need to put the welfare of the citizenry first on this issue of national importance.


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Below is an excerpt from a reporter’s dialogue with Prof. Yemi Osinbajo: “…………… Certainly, a true democracy grows with a full consideration of public opinions. As a result, I need to clear the fact that I’m angry on seeing the broadcast. A reform of the FSARS working itinerary will follow suite. The people, particularly, the youths are not taking this lightly, as it stands. Moreover, the squad has nothing to do with searching phones and probing car-owners. Yes. Cybercrime is on the high side and as a matter-of-fact, there are other digital ways of making investigations. So, I’m promising a refix before matters get out of control and …….”
TNDL is The New Day Leadership Incorporated. It is a network of personalities with multiple business ideas. In short, the group is a connection of digital entrepreneurs who aim at forming a larger business unit. Bloggers, video animators and digital marketers are big names in the leading council. Similarly, content creators, website developers and brand influencers also take shelter within the confine. Today, TNDL spoke on the aftermath of the ENDSARS protests on digital economics in a zoom conference.
Yemi Osinbajo
Speaking on the response of state chiefs to the situation of things, Akinode Ahmad, said:
” Firstly, I need to applaud everyone for holding up during these period. 2020 is remarkable in its own way. As digital gurus, we should continue to play our role by informing the people extensively. Secondly, we see another round of ENDSARS protests starting off. It may affect our businesses, both virtually and physically (if we run any).

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Most importantly, we should acknowledge the words of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo during the first lap and hope for a revolution. The Christian leader disregards the ill practices of the faction, we should too. Via our various platforms, e-fliers and infographics, let us remind the ordinary people of the deaths of our heroes. Therefore, if the second round starts off and things aren’t changing, let’s speak the truth and truth alone. This way, the government will……..”

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