Education!! “Early Childhood Development”

Children at infancy:all universal learners. Do you know that in the first few years of a baby’s life, certain development are prone to surface?
If you hit the brain with the right work at the right time, learning is easily achieved. Statistics show that babies learn from 8-10 weeks before birth.
Inother words,they listen to their mother’s language (through neurons).After birth, from 8-10 months they react to another language by interpreting some language at some age.
There are important time that things comes in from the environment floods the baby brains.these crucial periods, do not close but narrows down as the baby grows.
In the same vein,babies are universal learners.For example, an American baby,learns Spanish with the help of a live teacher.Or when his parents relocates to spain.But, the adults finds it hard in learning the new language.If you expose a child to a language from age 0-7 he will learn better than age 8-11. Childhood is one of the stages of a child that grooms him for the future.In this period, he observes,listen,explore,experiment. He will ask questions which will later become a big part of him as he grows.
Early Childhood Development: A review
Also, a child intelligence is not fixed.Children learn at different pace,while some learn fast,some do not.Parents assist kids by letting them gain experience of the right things at the right time.
They also make sure that kids should learn basic things first. Like sing-along-songs, practice counting,shapes and colours, alphabets, visiting interesting places.
It is a global fact,that infant learn more when they watch live tutors and TV shows better than audio clips. The images,colours and lively activities help them to learn better than audio clips.
Jean Piaget a developmental psychologist. His work, helped therapist to understand and help children pass through the different stages of development. From (infant-todler- preschool).
Changes happen in children when they hear and listen to sounds which helps them to understand words.A lot of people uses Piaget theory to develop an avenue for learning.For instance, live tutors for infants of about age 2, kindergarten for toddlers ( 2-7), preschool for age (7-11).
Parent are responsible for helping children to learn:they are children first agent of socialization.

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