Drums and theater should get more global outlook – Isioma Williams

The Lagos coordinator of National association of theater art drummers, Isioma Williams, exemplifies the importance of drums and theatre.

To man, culture and tradition are as relevant as life, water and food. That is to say, the rational individual sees a need to preserve the cultural heritage for as long as he lives. He also creates an avenue for communal practices in the society and yearns for peaceful co-existence. In spite of this, he passes on the so-many norms and living patterns incidentally and directly. This way, the rising generation get to embrace the material and non-material aspect of culture. For instance, a growing child can get to learn the art of beating and making drums just as he learns language, which is incorporeal. However, the beauty of the whole concept of culture is in its ability to change. It is dynamic and as though calls for a correspondent drift from the way things are done.
Consequently, it is then a call to duty for theater and art practitioners, like Isioma Williams, to bring forth exhibitions. Fact and theories prove that when people get to have these shows in view, they bind with ancestral conceptions effortlessly. Families, schools and the larger communities also have roles to play in this regard. As sets of handy agents of socialisation, they should support cultural development and expose their wards and members to customs.

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Who is Isioma Williams?

Isioma Williams
Isioma Williams, drummer and coach.

Isioma Williams is a theatre expert, drummer and coach. He is also an active member in the Lagos chapter of the Guild Of Theater art drummers. To clarify, he is the host for this year’s edition of world drums day in Bariga axis of the state. Overtime, he has impacted the lives of many home and abroad in activism for a culturally-inclined society.


Dance as a communication tool
In a speech by Isioma Williams at the event, he said:
Drums Drums
” Firstly, I give thanks to God for the success of this occasion. Likewise, I also say a big thank you to our guests and the chairman of the day. It is so much pleasure having you all around. I pray that the good Lord support you all in all your endeavors. While you beat your drums, it shall continue to give the sound you so desire. You all will not live in lack”
” To my colleagues and dance coaches who groomed the set of performers here today, I applaud you all. Thanks so much for turning out to support Isioma Williams. Most importantly, we need to keep the fire in us alive. Our practices give a sense of responsibility and pride to our nation. Let us all work towards giving theater a cherishable national outlook. I can see, from the performances, that we’re really promising………..”

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