Donald Trump is taking a bold step with the media platform launch – Anonymous.

Fmr. United States of America President Donald Trump sets to launch blog, stirs varying emotions. (READ MORE)

To every man, there is a right to freedom of expression. This right, just like right to life and other majors, is constitutional. That is to say, it is entrenched in the constitution and for that reason needs protection. One can also maintain that the right to freedom of speech, thoughts and expressions are principal for politico-socio growth. However, it is right to note that there are limitations to these rights. For instance, libel and slander are recognizable offences that can pique the status quo of orderliness amongst the people. For a media platform, like Twitter or Facebook, there is always a regulation on how best to use words. Certainly, this is contained in the website’s terms and conditions. Donald Trump has, therefore, been banned on account of this default.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bans Donald Trump From using Facebook and Instagram
From the article interlinked above, there is an assertion that the Fmr. U.S. President has been using violent words on his Instagram and Facebook page. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “his words are violent and are threatening to national peace”. Subsequently, the 36 years old media magnate stated the following :
” The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that the Fmr. President Donald J. Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful transition of power of Joe Biden…….”
In this light, it is clear that the media platform launch is a means for the Fmr. President to air his opinions. Usually, he is known for his frankness and commentary on matters of general importance. But, then will his blog get the attention he had on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?
Donald Trump on media platform launch
Our respondent, who pleaded to remain anonymous, said:

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“Firstly, the Ex. President is taking a bold step with the media platform launch. It is sure to fill the vacuum of his suspended accounts on popular social media platforms. Meanwhile, it should also be known that close to 35% of Americans follows him religiously. While he is busy creating public opinions, he is sure to also make money from traffic generation. This is owing to the fact that reliable sources have confirmed that he is sure to monetize the platform in the long run.”
“Most importantly, the Fmr. President is still not clear with the purpose of the blog. According to BBC News, Donald Trump is setting up the platform to report news from The White House. Like, he is no longer president. How then does he want to achieve this?………..”
From a study by Dailydigital Nigeria resource center, we found out that quite a number of people want to see what will come out of the media platform launch. In short, there are doubts whether it will take a good form as an organization.
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