Do You Think Biafra Will Become A Reality If An Igbo Man Becomes The President Of Nigeria?

Dear Nigerians, Recently, the Minister of Labour and Employment Dr. Chris Ngige was interviewed on Channels TV, and from what he said, the Igbo’s are not being treated fairly in Nigeria as far as Politics is concerned.

According to him, Igbo might never be considered to rule this Country or given the opportunity to ever hold any important role in the Government of Nigeria.

The Igbos are not happy about this:-

You said Nigeria is for all of us but yet you kept on sidelining the region and yet you want them to stay?

The fear that Biafra might emerge if an Igbo man rule

The fear of the Nigerian Government is that the breakout request might eventually be granted if Igbo gets into power which might eventually lead to another Civil war that will be deadlier than what was experienced in the year 1967 led by the late Odumegwu Ojukwu.

This reason (Igbos might break out of Nigeria) is the main/major reason why the Nigerian Government is not considering the region to Govern the Country.
I can continue talking about this issue because it’s becoming annoying already and even as a Yoruba man, I can’t stand it again.

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The Igbos are feeling Neglected

The Igbos are feeling too neglected and this is the reason why they wanted Biafra and instead of them to be considered gradually, the Nigerian political caucus felt it’s better to leave them out of important political appointments.

The genesis of “BIAFRA”…

The idea of Biafra came to Ojukwu’s mind when he felt the region was neglected while the then Government focus heavily on the North when it comes to appointments in the Army and in the whole Government settings.

Ojukwu felt it and he decided to leave Nigeria to create Biafra but was stopped which lead to the Civil war that shocked the entire Nation between July 1967 – January 1970.
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