DO YOU AGREE? Igbo’s Are The Most Smartest, Intelligent & Business Oriented Tribe In Nigeria (See This)

Igbo’s are the most business oriented tribe in Nigeria !! Have you asked your self that question before who are the most oriented business tribe in Nigeria?

No hate on other tribes but truth be told, Igbo’s are the most business oriented tribe in Nigeria.

Let’s read further you would love it …
Over the years, other tribes have always said “Igbo people too like money” as if they don’t like it. Just pure beef nothing more. Everybody like money but why do they always point at our Igbos? Google please save this.

I’m a Yoruba man but that does not stop me from saying the truth. Igbo’s are blessed.

By Makinde AZ

Well I am an Igbo man, I love money o, please Igbos in the house is it bad to like money?

By Victor Ginigeme 

Now, let me show you something and you all will agree with me that truly they know how to handle business and they are exceptionally smart generally.
I saw this on Social media or rather on Naijaloaded and I feel I should bring it here on dailydigitalng.

See below:-

You saw that abi?
That’s how smart and intelligent the Igbo’s are. I can go on and on to show you or tell you more stories and you all will agree with me that this tribe is badder than any tribe.
Now, we have a question for you all and we want you all to be sincere in your response.

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Which Tribe In Nigeria Do You Think Is Smarter Than The Igbo’s When It Comes To Business?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.
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