Dance: The art as a communication tool

As humans, our bodies respond differently to everyday activities.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the dynamics that comes with one’s body system. Physical fitness is the ability to carry out daily activities with getting tired, or experiencing fatigue. A physically fit person is flexible, has endurance and posseses muscular power. He or she also boast of agility, strength and, most importantly, a stable health. According to medical experts, good food, exercise and relaxation with a bit of dance ensures healthiness.
Dance is any activity which involves rhythmic movement of the body to music. As a result, the body gets to relax and produce sweat excetras. This is a logical way of keeping the residues off the glands. Likewise, dance helps to ascertain sensitivity and tactfulness. People who engage in dancing also have different perspectives about life. Most importantly, they set standards in key note areas like problem-solving and interpersonal relations.

5 ways dance helps to enhance communication

1. Maintenance of eye contact
2. Expression of opinion
3. Building a friendly atmosphere
4. Dance softens tension.
5. Lastly, rhythmic movement creates a platform for effective communication.
Maintenance of eye contact is a spice for good communication. Through dance, people learn how to stay keen on the look on the audience’s face. However, this is on a lighter note as stage freight and audibility precede this crux. Dancers, or seasonal dancers, so to speak enjoys the lot of building this interpersonal skill more easily.
Secondly, dancers are good at expressing opinions. According to an instructor, dancers dance to communicate their feelings. That is to say, there is always an attachment to every choreographed step and muscle flex. In all, their resentment and dislikes are also visible in every move.
Communication in dancing
The theory of communication idealise the relevance of friendship and network. Rhythmical dancers stand the chance of building a friendly atmosphere. Therefore, it then becomes a clarion call for all to ensure peaceful co-existence. Since the art is non-verbal, drumbeats and dance-steps play the role of words and other vocal linkages.
Dance softens tension and makes for effective communication. An average individual is bound to live with phobia. People just develop fears, as regarding their human quality of irritability. Meanwhile, partaking in dancing activities leverages for reduction in those fears. For instance, a number of newbie dancers confesses their unabated reaction to matters of personal development. This is so because they’ve chosen to embrace the art.

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