Cryptocurrency investors light up over SEC trading approval

Technology is taking great turns in the economic activities of world countries.
As a result, many device ways of making payments from locations far and wide. In conglomeration to this, digital payment systems stand to fill the vacuum. Investors from different walks of life can now conveniently trade without stress.
Cryptocurrency is not so new to people. It is a digital payment system that does not require the approval of any third party for transactional success – Esther Tinuola Alade
From an overview, analysis shows that Cryptocurrency is built with block chain technologies. That is to say, it is practically uneasy for scammers tamper with. Meanwhile, analysts also maintain that there’s tendency of experiencing fraud. This means that investors are advised to research and pose agility for all that comes with Cryptocurrency (and digital trading).
The Security and Exchange Commission, SEC, is the approved agency for regulating exchange. As a body, SEC works congruently to Nigeria’s monetary policy. They are to make do with the regulation and protection of digital assets like Cryptocurrency.

Earlier before now, Cryptocurrency investors are lodging several complaints on monetary movement. To clarify, The Central bank Of Nigeria (CBN) pledge to close all bank accounts that trade cryptocurrencies.
After that, a number of actors in the SEC meet to weigh the pros and cons of digital trading. The outcome of the symposium gives Cryptocurrency investors a light up as SEC gives trading approval.
P.S: This is with full suppyor of FG and the central bank.
To sum it up, investors should gather information on the marketing strategies. Therefore, this will prevent them from loosing unnecessarily. Cryptocurrency is safe, invest now!

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