Cosmos Ecosystem Chat list of upcoming Air/stakedrops for Cosmos:

Cosmos Ecosystem Chat list of upcoming Air/stake drops for Cosmos:

1. Evmos (previously Ethermint) – Atom stakeholder, future snapshot, date TBA

2. Persistence IRIS Stake drop
[Upcoming on persistence. one/stake drop, date TBA]

3. Koala Network – Stakedrop for ATOM Stakers. [Date TBA]

4. Sputnik Network – Stakedrop for ATOM and multiple coins
[Coming in late Q4]

5. GNO for Atom holders
[Confirmed a future snapshot, date not announced yet]

6. Sunny РSolana’s composable Defi yield aggregator, airdrop for OSMO stakers and Liquidity providers [Snapshot taken the 24th August, claiming and distribution in October]

Check if you are eligible:

Note: Cautious! Sunny Aggregator build in Solana, no Cosmos connection.

7. $GAME Airdrop for Atom Stakers, distribution in November based on the double snapshots taken on February 18, 2021, and on November 1, 2021.

8. Birdsong
+10.000.000 $BTSG will be distributed to ATOM stickers based on a new snapshot, date to be announced.

9. Hansum token $HANSUM – Stakedrop for ATOM and OSMO Stakers [Date TBA]

10. Chihuahua $HUAHUA – Memecoin, multi-chain airdrop on Cosmos hub and Osmosis [Date TBA]

11. $PSTAKE airdrop for XPRT and ATOM holders/stagers, Snapshot on 2nd September. Check and claim tokens: airdrop.

12. Shade Protocol will have an airdrop for SCRT, LUNA, and ATOM stakes. To be eligible you need to have your asset staked from November 7th, 5:00 pm UTC through December 13th at 5:00 pm UTC. Distribution TBA.

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13. Sentinel will be conducting a custom airdrop for $DVPN & $ATOM.
The first-ever ‘HODLdrop’ event to incentivizes community members for staking and ‘HODLING’ for longer durations of time, unlocking various tiers of rewards based on how long a participant has lasted in the event.

14. Comdex – $CMDX airdrop for $ATOM stakers. Check your eligibility here

15. Bostrom – $BOOT 70% of the Bostrom genesis tokens will be distributed to Ethereum and Cosmos users. Follow the instructions here:
Check your $ATOM and $ETH address here:
(This may have been a test and the snapshot still have to be taken, we will share official updates on the matter as soon we have it)

16. Cyber – $CYB airdrop confirmed after $BOOT drop (Confirmed through Telegram)

17. StargazeZone – $STARS airdrop for $ATOM Stakers, OSMO liquidity providers and delegators to Stargaze zone validator. The snapshot is 11th October 2021. Distribution date TBA.

18. Sagan – No details, TBA

19. StarportHQ – Airdrop for $ATOM stakeholders. Details TBA.

Airdrop Rumors: Sommelier Finance, OmniFLix Network, Desmos, Umea, Likecoin

*To be eligible for stake drops be sure that you are not staking with exchange validators, please avoid Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Don’t delegate with Paradigm, they charge 100% commission, you will not get any staking rewards.

*We only share public and official information, to have more info or insights please get in touch with the community of the project that is doing the airdrop.

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