“Corps members are an important part of our national defense strategy.” Where there is serious war, they can be trained” – NYSC DG says

Brig. Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim, the Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, has stated that corps members are part of Nigeria’s national defense policy and that they can be trained for use in the event of a serious war.
When he spoke on Channels TV, the NYSC chief stated this.
In response to certain MPs’ plans to abolish the NYSC program, which is mandatory for all Nigerian students who graduate before the age of 30, Ibrahim said:
“Corps men have been placed on reserve. They are an element of the country’s national defense policy. As a result, whenever there is major conflict, our corps members are educated, knowledgeable, and capable of being trained. You’re aware of the drill and so forth.
“You can image how the corps members are molded in just three weeks in the orientation camps. They have the appearance of soldiers. Female soldiers can be seen blowing the army horn and playing with the military band.
“So, where are you going to mobilize such young Nigerians to train them quickly to put in their best for the country if not for the knowledge?” As a result, corps members are on standby. They’re also an element of the country’s defense strategy.”

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