(1) First you Will Need to Buy a ShopWithScrip log from a trusted Spammer, after Buying u can log in on mobile or pc, if your IP is good,
u will just bypass and login, if your device has been blacklisted then your account will be messed up and u won’t log in So better be
Discreet while logging in!

TIPS!: Don’t login many accounts on one device, they might blacklist the device

(2) Once u log in, you will see many kinds of Gift cards there is Amazon, iTunes, google pay, Starbucks, Walmart gift cards and you can as well use the search button to search for a particular gift card of your choice

(3) So I click on one of the gift cards, u have two options, either to make them send the gift card to your address or they send it to your email, the physical address is the next day and the email is Instant

(4) Once u choose any, you can choose the AMOUNT and QUANTITY of gift cards you need, then you add to Cart, you can even buy $2000 worth of cards at a go…

(5) When you are done, you can add more and add to the cart, they will charge an extra 2.5% to go to the school’s charity or foundation, but don’t worry about that.

(6) You can also add some iTunes gift cards to it.

(7) After you are done, you can still continue shopping or proceed to cart and CHECKOUT

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(8) Once your order is done, check your email for a confirmation

(9) Basically you login, buy gift cards you want, and use the bank attached to the log to pay for them Go to / Localbitcoin and exchange all your gift cards to BTC or payment into your bank account or you find your preferred Vendor
to sell to

(10) Note that Gift Cards hits
your Email immediately with
Pin or as Encodes.
Or this above Format


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