Undergraduate International Scholarships (Computer Science)

Undergraduate International Scholarships (Computer Science) – University Of Birmingham Scholarship Description: The Undergraduate International Scholarships (Computer Science) in the University of Birmingham is open for all interested International Students. The scholarship can be applied by students aspiring to study for Undergraduate, Bachelor level program(s) in the field of Computer Science studied at the University of … Read more

List Of Scholarship In the United Kingdom (UK)

List Of Scholarship In the United Kingdom (UK) Are you interested in schooling in the United States for free or at lesser rates? Then this is for you. The information here contains some scholarship programs, educational grants, and Fellowships that are available to international students to study in the United States at no cost or … Read more


MEXT SCHOLARSHIP 2021 Welcome to Myscholarshipbaze, The home of scholarships and educative contents, today we will vividly give the full details on MEXT SCHOLARSHIP 2021 and how to apply for it. MEXT Scholarship 2021 is one of the best international scholarship programs in the world. The MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship 2021 offers fully funded scholarships … Read more

Earnest Scholarship Program USA 2021

Earnest Scholarship Program in the USA 2021 Earnest Scholarship Program USA is offering a scholarsip program for both graduate and undergraduate students. The program is awarding $250,000 for students who best articulate how their education will enable their dreams across the United States. Earnest is a technology-enabled fintech lender in San Francisco that offers low-cost … Read more


NECO DATA PROCESSING PRACTICAL/ COMPUTER STUDIES 2021 INSTRUCTION TO SCHOOL/SUPERVISORS (A) The school authority/administrator is expected to provide the following facilities in readiness for the 2021 SSCE NECO internal examination for the candidates (1) A well ventilated computer laboratory/room to accommodate sizeable number of students at once. (2)stand-by generator with capacity to power all the … Read more


GLOBAL KOREA SCHOLARSHIP 2021 The  highly competitive Global Korea Scholarship is now open for applications . The GKS 2021 was previously known as KGSP Korean Government Scholarship Program. The KGSP 2021 will select 1270 international students from 155 countries who want to who wish to pursue a graduate-level degree (master’s or doctoral) or research in … Read more

Family Empowerment Scholarship program

The family Empowerment Scholarship program Today we will be discussing the Florida Department of Education which is offering the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program for students who are eligible to enroll in kindergarten or have spent the prior school year in attendance at Florida’s public school. Funded through the Florida Education Finance Plan (FEFP), the program … Read more

Scholarship at Harvard Business School

Scholarship at Harvard Business School The Scholarship at Harvard Business School covers tuition, housing, a ticket to the United States to begin the MBA program, and a ticket back from the United States at the end of the MBA program. About the Scholarships at Harvard Business School: The Harvard Business School Scholarship was created by … Read more

Fully Funded Nursing undergraduate 2021

Fully Funded Nursing undergraduate 2021 In the 21st Century, nursing is the glue that holds a patient’s health care journey together. Throughout the patient’s experience, and wherever there is someone in need of care, nurses work tirelessly to identify and protect the needs of the individual. Nursing can be described as both an art and … Read more