SolBox airdrop on Solana

SolBox airdrop on Solana Finally we are launching our airdrop. $BNFT will be distributed to 10,000 people only. #Solana #Airdrop #SolanaSummer #Giveaway Fill the form and subscribe. Referral is @bloomzy

ApeSwap finance airdrop

ApeSwap finance airdrop Here is the ApeSwap finance airdrop 1. What is the governance token of the ApeSwap ecosystem called? (Golden Banana or GNANA) 2. How many Non Fungible Apes exist? (1,000) 3. What two blockchains is ApeSwap on? (Polygon & BSC) 4. How many BANANA per block are emitted on ApeSwap? (10) 5. … Read more


10 SOLANA TOKENS TO LOOK INTO FAB – FABRIC is a synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Solana. Current price: $0.21 Mcap: 10.7m Prediction by EOY: $1 (5x) ROPE – ROPE brings the well known “market volatility index” to the crypto market and DeFispace. It can be utilized to hedge against market movement, trade volatility, … Read more

Is Binance P2P Trading legit? “Things to know about Binance P2P Trading”

Is Binance P2P Trading legit? In this post you will know how far it goes on the lunched plartform… Binance is a blockchain ecosystem comprised of Binance Exchange, Labs, Launchpad, Info, Academy, Research, Trust Wallet and Charity. Binance Exchange is the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, with users from over 190 countries and regions. Capable of … Read more

Norway Finance Minister Sees Great Interest in Cryptocurrency — Says Bitcoin Could See ‘Breakthroughs’

The finance minister of Norway believes that bitcoin may experience “breakthroughs.” He noted that “There is no doubt that there is great interest in cryptocurrency both in Norway and internationally.” Bitcoin May See Breakthroughs, Says Finance Minister of Norway The finance minister of Norway, Jan Tore Sanner, suggested in an interview last week that “cryptocurrencies … Read more

Iran has enacted a ban on cryptocurrency mining.

According to Bloomberg, Iran has banned cryptocurrency mining following a series of blackouts in major cities. The ban was announced on State TV on Wednesday and it is effective immediately, until September 22. This ban is amidst a growing unease over cryptos energy usage. The ban follows a regional ban placed on Bitcoin by China. Iranian … Read more

CoinDesk 20 Bitcoin Price | BTC Price Index and Live Chart

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to use a stable, decentralized blockchain-based network to record transactions. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and volume of data stored on its blockchain, having been launched in early 2009 by its pseudonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Anyone who wants to run a Bitcoin node and store their own … Read more

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has banned Nigerians from depositing more than $5,000 in banks

Centeral Bank of Nigeria has banned Nigerians from depositing more than 5k dollars into their bank accounts monthly. News Online reports that some commercial banks, following the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) order have started sending new transfer limits to their customers. Emails sent to some customers seen by News Online show banks are informing … Read more

The total amount of cryptocurrency traded in Nigeria on a peer-to-peer platform has surpassed $1.5 billion

Nigeria’s cryptocurrency traded volumes on Paxful, a peer-to-peer trading site, topped $1.5 billion in the first four months of 2021, according to Paxful. This sum accounts for nearly a third of Paxful’s overall global volume of $5 billion. Nigeria’s position as one of the exchange’s largest markets globally is reaffirmed by this latest traded volume … Read more